Classic & Must-Have of Men's Fashion: The Sweatshirt
Classic & Must-Have of Men’s Fashion: The Sweatshirt

Like a good pair of jeans, every man should own at least one sensible sweatshirt . A piece of clothing about which one does not actually lose many words, since it can be found in every wardrobe anyway. And yet you should deal with it a little bit. The sweatshirt is not for nothing a classic and must-have of menswear. Provided you buy the right top part for yourself. I’ll talk about that below.


  • The Sweatshirt: Convertible, comfortable and versatile
  • What to look for when choosing a sweatshirt
  • How best to wear a sweatshirt in everyday life?
    • Dress it up!
    • Dress it down.
  • Conclusion: changeable and versatile to combine

First of all, it should be understood that a sweatshirt can be casual, but thoughtful, but chic and athletic. All at the same time, all with a simple piece of clothing. The sweatshirt is independent of season, flatters any body shape and can be easily overlaid – onion peel principle . Therefore it is not for nothing that it counts as one of the few real everyday objects in men’s fashion.

The Sweatshirt: Convertible, comfortable and versatile

The charm of such a shell is to combine comfort and versatility. It’s hard to find a more comfortable garment that fits well with what you like to wear. A sweatshirt makes it a lot easier, because it can be combined for both street and casual look . Furthermore, it blurs the boundaries between rather elegant garments and sportswear . It almost defines the athleisure dress code , without it trying.

Classic & Must-Have of Men's Fashion: The Sweatshirt
Classic & Must-Have of Men’s Fashion: The Sweatshirt

Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

The light of day was first seen in the 1920s. It was made for American football players, the lightweight cotton construction has absorbed the sweat. Hence the name sweatshirt. These were well received, as they were a lot easier and more comfortable than the then heavy wool jerseys. From the football place it went to the universities.

The students of the Ivy League wore sweatshirts on campus and proudly displayed the name of their school or team on their chests. Icons like Newman and Steve McQueen took over. Then the style became urban in the 1980s, when hip-hop sportswear incorporated its own style. And now, in 2018, it’s at home in virtually every area of menswear. There are styles for streetwear, kids, surfers and skateboarders, minimalists and athletes. No matter what style you have prescribed yourself, a sweatshirt belongs in your own wardrobe.

What to look for when choosing a sweatshirt 

Choosing a sweatshirt is like choosing a T-shirt : the possibilities are endless. As a standard sweatshirt but you should probably use the classic, sporty top. This usually comes along long-sleeved and reveals a ribbed hem and cuffs. As a classic – and therefore a must-have in every wardrobe – the sweatshirt comes in gray with long sleeves, a round neckline and a sewn-in triangle of elastic material on the front.

Just the aforementioned, sewn-in triangle makes the sweatshirt something special. It is a subtle yet distinctive detail that has been introduced to collect the sweat at the neckline and to stretch and reinforce the garment.

Classic & Must-Have of Men's Fashion: The Sweatshirt
Classic & Must-Have of Men’s Fashion: The Sweatshirt

Photo by Tobias van Schneider on Unsplash

With regard to the materials one can choose from different variants. Probably the toughest and toughest variant is likely to be made of 100% cotton, whose grammage varies anywhere between 330 and 380 grams. A touch of clean and contemporary with a cotton-polyester blend fleece inside. This makes the sweatshirt even more robust, gives the colors a bit more pop and is also a little softer and warmer when worn.

If it’s more in the direction of sportswear, then you should bet on Jersey. But if you want a bit more elegant and above all comfortable, there is no way past Kashmir . Where just this last variant for your own purse is not quite so pleasant. In this case, it is sufficient to call a cashmere sweatshirt its own and to wear this only on special occasions.

Classic & Must-Have of Men's Fashion: The Sweatshirt
Classic & Must-Have of Men’s Fashion: The Sweatshirt

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How best to wear a sweatshirt in everyday life?

In addition to different materials, cuts and details, which can make a sweatshirt, it always depends on how you wear it. Because only in common interaction with the other garments results in a complete look. In such a case you can deliberately put the sweatshirt in the center or let it sink between the other pieces of clothing. Two ideas on how to integrate the sweatshirt into your own outfit, I have listed below for you.

Dress it up!

The athleisure look I have already listed in connection with a sweatshirt. But the sweatshirt also looks great in a look inspired by smart casual dress code . It just depends on which type of sweatshirt you set. In such a case, you should limit yourself to a simple cut, neutral colors and the absence of logos. In combination with a pair of white sneakers, a simple cloth trousers and one or the other accessory knows how to convince the outfit.

Classic & Must-Have of Men's Fashion: The Sweatshirt
Classic & Must-Have of Men’s Fashion: The Sweatshirt

Photo by Don Ross III on Unsplash

Just the typical Ivy College look or at least how it is imagined. Here it also makes sense to put on the onion peel principle and combine different pieces together. In addition to the trousers you can also put on chinos or a higher-quality jeans. Sneakers, derby or loafersare the right shoe choice in this case. The sweatshirt itself can also be worn under a jacket or coat. The sweatshirt can also work on casual suits.

Feels much better under a bomber jacket , leather jacket or souvenir jacket . If you decide to wear the sweatshirt under a coat , similar to a hoodie , you are welcome to wear a pattern. This is how the sweatshirt stands out, at least visually, and does not make the look too boring. A classic houndstooth pattern would be a very good option here. Otherwise you will find in this post more inspiring patterns and tips & tricks on how to combine them .

Dress it down.

What can be upgraded, can also depreciate. Of course not in the negative sense. But you can also wear the sweatshirt a bit casual and relaxed. Especially jersey sweatshirts are perfect for this. Quasi as a loungewear, comfortable, oversized and neutral. Or just in the athleisure look – as the sweatshirt was just times imagined – with big logos and colorful accents. Definitely an eye-catcher in the dreary everyday life.

Classic & Must-Have of Men's Fashion: The Sweatshirt
Classic & Must-Have of Men’s Fashion: The Sweatshirt

Photo by Creaslim on Unsplash

Color blocking also plays a crucial role here. Large logos on the top in conjunction with jeans or joggers give the whole a very relaxing touch. Quite simply you can wear a sweatshirt with a classic white T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Almost, the at-ease entry-level look, at least if you dare not completely in the tracksuit to go out the door.

Conclusion: changeable and versatile to combine

The style guide to the sweatshirt could hopefully show you how versatile and changeable such a simple piece of clothing can be. It just depends on being aware of how to wear it and, above all, to combine it with other pieces. If you can do that, you can hit the modern, elegant Smart Casual rail. Otherwise, the sweatshirt can also be worn as a sporty combined with the athleisure look. Whatever you want.


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