There are some things that make even the best of us seem almost insoluble. Finding the right size / fit for your own garments should certainly be one of them. At least it’s not as easy as you think, to finding the perfect jeans for yourself. But having looked into the trendy jeans trends of 2018  and four trendy jeans styles for spring / summer 2018 , it makes sense to think about how to finding the perfect pair of jeans. Or at least it approaches.


  • For what occasion do I want to wear the jeans?
  • It depends on the right cut
  • Choosing the right jeans size
  • Watch out for the color choice
  • Set accents – this is how it works!
  • It can be comfortable

From my own experience, I can say that it is not always easy to finding the right copy. Nevertheless, there are a few points that you can look out for and make the search a lot easier.

For what occasion do I want to wear the jeans?

First, it is certainly advantageous if you know the reason you want to wear the jeans actually. Because now there is more than one cut or jeans style and not everyone suits every occasion. So, are you wearing the jeans everyday or off and on? How much must the jeans be able to withstand, the walk from the office to the coffee kitchen three times a day or a hike over hill and dale over several days? Do you prefer to wear the jeans in the office, at leisure when leaving or at an official event?

Any questions you have to ask yourself to narrow down the selection of his jeans. For that is the answer to the questions itself, the jeans with stitching, holes and Co. in the office is not necessarily a good figure. In the free time to hang out with friends, however, they can certainly do something.

It depends on the right cut

In addition to the actual occasion, which significantly restricts the choice of appearance, it comes with a jeans on the right fit and the appropriate cut. Over time, a variety of cuts and designs have developed here, which you can wear depending on the occasion or your own taste. Differences are among others in:

  • Bootcut Jeans – body- contoured on the thigh and wider from the knee
  • Loose fit jeans – are casual and casual cut. Baggy jeans are extremely wide-cut jeans
  • Slim Fit Jeans – cut very close to the whole leg. The covenant is usually a bit deeper
  • Regular fit jeans – are cut body-conscious and the foot is casual
  • Comfort Fit Jeans – are casual and casual cut, they are wedge-shaped cut down

If you bring now the first point – choice of the occasion – with the second point – cut of the jeans – altogether one can restrict the selection already well. In a more casual, casual occasion like a pub crawl with mates, you can opt for a comfort fit jeans. If it is a little more official, for example, a dinner together with the woman at the favorite Italian, then makes the Slim Fit Jeans with shirt a little more.

Choosing the right jeans size

Beware of pitfalls! Because here it really depends, as with a suit that does not fit properly, even the best performing jeans will not look good if it does not suit you. Therefore, my tip, try to put on jeans in your standard size, if you have found a suitable copy for you. Then put on the same model one size smaller.

Often you make the mistake of buying jeans a little too far. Say, the waistband sits loosely without a belt. If you put on a belt to the newly acquired jeans, this is compressed, wrinkles and looks no longer what it should. Through different cuts and interpretation of the sizes by the brands, it is advisable to try a little bit here.

Watch out for the color choice

Not only shirts and T-shirts are now available in all colors of the rainbow, also jeans have a lot to offer in color. Classic, dark blue or black jeans in combination with a casual shirt, as well as a chic shirt convince. In a white jeans, it is then more difficult with the combination options. Personally, I would move in the color selection in the spectrum: black, indigo, slightly faded blue to white in the summer . However, tending towards the darker direction.

Of course, if you want to be aware, you can fall back on fashionable colors like bordeaux red, green or a bright sunshine. In my opinion, however, colors that should rather be used in his summer shorts or T-shirts. Either way, even in color, a wide selection is offered. The rule the official the occasion, the darker the jeans in the color selection but quite well, I think.

Set accents – this is how it works!

Personally, I prefer my jeans simple and simple, without much frills, just a pair of jeans. Who still wants to set accents, can achieve this through various ablutions. According to Wikipedia, there are the following popular jeans washes:

  • Authentic – A special kind of used look, in which the jeans are sandblasted and washed with pumice stone
  • Acid-Washed – Chlorinated pumice wash to achieve high levels of contrast
  • Bleached – Bleached Jeans
  • Moon-washed jeans whose patterns are reminiscent of the moonscape
  • Old Blue-Washed – Jeans that create a yellowish used look through environmentally friendly washing
  • Rinse-Washed – Very dark jeans
  • Sand-Washed – Soft jeans washed with small pumice stones
  • Stone-Washed – Classic Used Look

It can be comfortable

Despite a good fit, appealing cut and convincing appearance, jeans should be one, above all, comfortable. Because what brings you the best pants, if it just scratched and feels uncomfortable when you wear them. Probably also be with a reason that in addition to denim now always spandex, linen or the like is used for jeans. Of course, the proportion of denim predominates.

Now you have certainly learned a lot to finding the perfect jeans for you. Or at least noticeably narrow down the selection of jeans. The 6 most important characteristics of a jeans and what to look (s) , you can also watch again you on occasion. How to wear jeans this summer … It’s so simple you can again look for autumn / winter. After all, a little inspiration does not hurt.


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