Get your dressing style upgraded for 2019!
Get your dressing style upgraded for 2019!

Just in time for the end of the year you usually think about what to expect next year. In most cases, mind games in terms of relationship, job and family come to fruition – but also in terms of style you may think about how to upgrade this, or take it to a new level. And it’s not that hard, as you’ve probably already noticed, if you regularly take a look at my style guides.


  • quality not quantity
  • Knitted with print: attract attention!
  • Custom-made clothing: It depends on the right fit
  • Sage, the color of the year 2019?
  • Accessories are the nuts and bolts

You do not just have to limit it to your own style, if you want to upgrade something in your own everyday life. It generally applies to all facets of one’s own life, from one’s own behavior to the way one presents oneself to the world .

But do not worry, you do not have to jump on every new trend, know all the trendy colors or be a specialist in welted shoes to upgrade your own outfit. Rather, one should pay attention to simple basics, which I bring you closer to upgrade your own style.

quality not quantity

In terms of fashion and, above all, an upgrade of their own style, it is not necessary that directly the entire wardrobe is cleared away and given back with new pieces. Generally you should not cause a huge Tabula-Rasa. It is better to approach the whole thing in a targeted way. So it’s about quality, not quantity.

Say, basics such as undershirts, T-shirts, underwear, socks, etc. are important, but not crucial for your own style upgrade. At least not in the first place. Here you do not go wrong, if you fall back on classical pieces in black and white , as they can be incorporated into any style. Furthermore, they can be replaced faster due to their rather low price, as the corresponding high-quality, expensive garments.

For this reason one should invest above all in high-quality individual pieces, which one will enjoy for a long time. Especially in terms of clothing and accessories, a higher initial investment has a positive effect on the longevity and the joy that you have in one piece. It does not matter if it’s the first bespoke suit , a high-quality wristwatch or mass shoes . You can not only feel the difference on your own wallet, but above all in your own everyday life. Promised.

In addition, it is usually the case that such pieces, if damaged or worn, can be repaired by a specialist. And thus bring even more pleasure. Furthermore, wristwatches are also an option as an investment . Even if you spend a little more money on your own watch, the monetary value is not directly lost.

Knitted with print: attract attention!

2019 is definitely the trend. How else to explain otherwise that T-shirts with print are not so popular anymore. Garments made of knitwear with print but already.

In my opinion, it definitely takes a lot of courage to wear a knit pullover with an all-over print or eye-catching graphics. In addition, then the rest of the look completely subordinate to this piece. Otherwise, your counterpart visually is simply too overwhelmed.

Custom-made clothing: It depends on the right fit

You do not do anything wrong with tailored clothing. Especially for the reason that you do not have to worry about a proper fit of your own outfit. Because what you like to forget, not the brand, the cut or the price ultimately decide whether you like a garment or not, but the right fit.

To be honest, even the most expensive suit does not look good on you if it does not sit properly. Incidentally, the same applies to jeans and other, more everyday garments.

Sage, the color of the year 2019?

With Greenery, we did not have a green hue until 2017 as the defining color of the year, and again in 2019, a green shade seems to be very much in demand. Sage is the color that is elegant, muted and therefore particularly harmonious with muted shades such as black, gray and deep marine colors.

It all depends on how you integrate sage as a color in your own outfit. Well, I can imagine shorts in a sage color, which should look quite attractive in conjunction with a simple, black T-shirt and a pair of light sneakers. Alternatively as an accent, in the form of a pocket square when wearing a suit. Or a bit more daring than the sarcophagus fly to give a classic tuxedo that certain something.

Accessories are the nuts and bolts

Cufflinks ,  tie pins , men’s bags and man’s belts are just some of the accessories that come to mind when thinking of necessary accessories for their own everyday lives. But these can make a difference when it comes to upgrading your own style.

Again, if you buy a bow tie or tie, you should definitely invest in quality. Handmade flies and ties are made from quality materials that are designed for durability and can be used continuously in your own wardrobe.

Watches, belts and shoes can also help with bespoke looks by emphasizing the waist (belt) or wrist (watch). Tailored trouser cuffs also ensure that your own shoe is perfectly staged. It’s just the little things that make the difference.

With these first, cutting-edge men’s trends for 2019, you now have the opportunity to visually differentiate yourself from others. Remember, the New Year is a time of change, a time of growth, and a time when you dress at a level that you deserve.

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