Seven tips to dress better in autumn / winter
Seven tips to dress better in autumn / winter

It can not be denied, autumn is approaching. In big steps. And what comes next is also clear, the winter. But you can not worry about both. Should you too. The ones with shorts and shirt may still be enduring on the warm autumn days of early October, but by the beginning of November at the latest, it will certainly not be that warm. At least, this is hard to imagine.


  • Make your wardrobe weatherproof …
  • Covered color in autumn and winter
  • Accessories: The nuts and bolts in autumn / winter
  • Reasonable outer clothing – a must on cool days!
  • Level-up on the onion-bowl principle
  • It depends on the right material.
  • Reasonable footwear forms the basis

That’s why I’ve been thinking about how to get the most out of his fall / winter outfits. Things to look out for, if you do not have wet feet or want to attract attention with too colorful clothes. Ultimately, however – as so often – the own taste decides. Accordingly, you should decide for yourself which of the seven tips you want to incorporate into your own appearance.

Make your wardrobe weatherproof …

As already mentioned, autumn and winter are not just waiting for you with warm sunshine. As a rule, cloudy, cold weather prevails. Mostly paired with rain and a fair amount of wind. Then the weather may officially be called autumn weather. At least my assumption about naming. But do not worry, to quote a German proverb: “There is no bad weather, there are only wrong clothes!” . And against wrong clothes there’s enough alternatives at Promised.

To make your own wardrobe weatherproof, you can start right at the shoes. To properly clean and care for your own leather shoes is a start here. Regularly applying a polish or a care product lays the foundation for keeping your own socks dry.

Sneakers to clean properly certainly does not hurt . Unfortunately it does not protect against bad weather. This does not work so easily with sneakers. But it works too. To do this, put the shoes on a sufficiently large towel and sprinkle them with a little distance with a stain- and water-repellent agent. As a result, the dirt is no longer so easy fixed in the future.

Also the own outerwear is pleased about a similar treatment. Leather jackets should be maintained with a high quality leather balm. On the one hand to keep out the moisture, on the other hand, to prevent cracks in icy temperatures. Also, a high-quality raincoat heard from time to time and checked whether he still keeps the water. When it comes to jeans, chinos and trousers, it does not look that easy. Here you should just make sure that the rain does not hit directly diagonally.

Covered color in autumn and winter

When the spring and summer are one, then especially colorful. Quite understandable, everyday life is loosened so consciously. But on rather gray, dreary autumn days, you should watch out for too light shades. Acts quickly out of place. Nevertheless, it is advisable to use colorful colors. Just a bit covered and stronger.

Neutral tones like gray, black and brown make dressing in the dark child’s play. But that does not mean you just have to wear monochrome colors. Whereby this can work . Also tone-on-tone outfits can convince . Just comes back to the details.

If you like it a bit more colorful, it is based on the changing colors of the falling leaves. Rusty brown instead of orange, moss green instead of lime and mustard instead of sun yellow and you have a seasonally appropriate splash of color for your own outfit. At least it does not look like you’re coming straight from the beach.

Accessories: The nuts and bolts in autumn / winter

In autumn and winter you should also think about adapting your accessories a little to the conditions . A hat as an alternative to the baseball cap is quite an improvement there. It would be better, however, to invest in a high-quality umbrella. Because let me tell you, the 1 euro umbrellas from the station cost hardly anything, but not even a rainstorm. Instead, you should rather invest a little more and buy a high-quality screen.

Furthermore, it is advisable to put on a backpack or bag , which does not directly pass huge amounts of water. Coated leather is certainly a sensible choice and looks great for both briefcases and messenger bags. Alternatively, there are backpacks made of appropriate high-quality material. Nylon and canvas are the cheaper alternative, but also completely waterproof.

Not for nothing did I present you and the other readers in December 2016 “Three ways to wear a scarf” . Because honestly, a lot can go wrong if you want to wear your scarf correctly. After all, it should not look as if you are dragging a huge wool bulge around your neck, but it should not just grind just above the ground and certainly not he should stand out too much from your own outfit. In order to be able to think about how to wear it correctly, you should first invest in a high-quality scarf for autumn / winter. It is worth it ..

Reasonable outer clothing – a must on cool days!

Already at the first point I went into it, that one should make the own outer clothing weatherproof. However, this usually only pays off if your own outerwear allows it. Therefore you should not save on this. Jackets, coats and Co. are still the outermost, protective layer against bad weather. Furthermore, a high-quality coat not only keeps longer, but usually also gets better with weather changes rightly.

A wool coat is considered the most versatile option. Here you should pay attention to a good cut in neutral colors such as navy, gray or camel. This style blends seamlessly into most existing wardrobes and works equally well with bespoke garments as well as off-the-shelf garments. A look at Cabanjacken can also be recommended in this context.

Furthermore, wax jackets are also an option . As the name of the wax jackets suggests, wax is used in the production of these jackets for impregnation. The underlying principle is not new – wax closes before water and it runs off. Sounds really suitable for the cool, dreary days. Or!?

Level-up on the onion-bowl principle

In autumn, the onion peel principle is a welcome form of combining different garments into an outfit. If you do not completely adjust to the cold months, the onion look gives you the opportunity to react to different weather conditions.

As the name suggests, their own outfit consists of several layers of clothing of different thicknesses and materials, which are combined with each other. The individual garments, like the individual layers of an onion, are put on top of each other. In everyday life you can try to use classical pieces in an unconventional way.

For example, you wear a denim jacket as an under layer under a coat or a cardigan with a thick layer over a turtleneck and shirt. Or you play a bit with the proportions by playing a longline T-shirt under a sweatshirt and a cut-off bomber jacket . Basically, only your own taste and courage sets the limits here.

It depends on the right material.

Do not worry, it’s not about coke or other drugs. But rather the right material for your garments. If, for example, linen is an ideal material for hot temperatures, especially in summer , it would definitely not be a good companion in autumn and winter. In these seasons you should rather put on breathable cotton or merino wool.

You can then wear pieces of heavy wool to bring warmth into your own outfit. Over this layer then ideally garments are worn, which are weatherproof. Polyamide offers in this context as a popular material. When it comes to shoes, you should pay attention to easy-to-clean materials. Mud can be brushed off on leather, on suede you can even see drizzle …

Reasonable footwear forms the basis

The basis for a warming and protective outfit is reasonable footwear. This is definitely the case. At least anyone who has ever been out and about with sneakers during the rain knows. If these have not been treated properly, you will be able to absorb the moisture, wet your socks and catch the cold in big steps. Stable boots are in such weather conditions then rather the right companion.

In addition to hiking boots , work boots are an option for the leisure sector . They are as practical as they are stylish. Do not forget to give them a regular one-time care with polish. Once getting too much mud, they are no longer a statement piece, but only a dirty pair of boots. A bit more elegant, for jeans and a suit, it goes with Chelsea boots . These meet exactly the point between form and function.

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