Trend color red - so you wear these in everyday life
Trend color red – so you wear these in everyday life

It is well known that autumn has many colorful shades. These are reflected above all in the leaves of the trees. Why not let it inspire a little for your own appearance. It does not have to be the strong, bright reds that you wear because they tend to look pale. But it may well be a little red, as you ideally wear this in everyday life, you will find out below.


  • How do you wear red in everyday life?
  • Combine red – that’s the way it works
  • Garments that are wearable in the trend color red
    • In the red coat or the red jacket on the street
    • T-shirt and shirt – also in red a good choice
    • Knitted pullover, Norwegian pullover and other knitwear trends in red
    • Red shoes and Oxblood Oxford
    • Shorts and pants that stand out
    • Accessories in red: socks and tie

The hue itself is often associated with power, status and desire. Furthermore, it is known as a warning signal, whereby it is associated with fashion rather with fire and passion, anger and sin. In any case, it can be said that red is a statement hue. Unseen no one comes past you. Even softened colors like burgundy or even a dark pink tend to attract attention.

Therefore, you always have to be aware that you automatically slip into the field of vision of your fellow human beings with red garments. And not only discreet, but extremely obvious. Therefore, one should consider how to bring the color in his wardrobe with.

How do you wear red in everyday life?

Red attracts attention and does not always match with other shades. So you have to consciously think about how to wear it. Even lighter reds are considered less formal than neutral or dark colors. Therefore, these bright reds are particularly suitable for garments such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and sportswear that you wear in your free time. If, on the other hand, you have a healthy self-confidence, you may also like to have a strong shade of red in the form of a bomber or denim jacket. If the self-esteem, or the urge to attract attention is less, a pair of red sneakers or the aforementioned T-shirt is enough.

Trend color red - so you wear these in everyday life

Photo by Meireles Neto on Unsplash

If one consciously decides to integrate a red statement piece into one’s own look, it must be obvious at first glance. Best example of this a blazer. This definitely does not get lost in its own appearance and appears as the outermost “layer” in its own look strongly in the foreground. Combined with a white shirt and dark blue jeans you have created a casual, casual outfit with that certain something.

Nevertheless, it is important to make sure not to disregard, which color fits your own type.And then cleverly combine them with other garments. Here my article helps you: Combine colors correctly – that’s how it works!

Combine red – that’s the way it works

Red can generally be worn with almost any color. However, one should also make sure that the color achieves the effect that you want to achieve. In conjunction with black garments red accents are clearly visible and push into the foreground. It becomes a bit more discreet with pieces in a dark brown or navy blue. Otherwise, red garments can also work well with white elements.

One should avoid bright, pastel colors, as the different shades quickly compete with each other in the eye of the beholder. Here one should rather put on navy and dark shades. If you want to make your own look a bit more neutral, it is advisable to use warmer shades such as cream and brown.

Red and red can work as well. However, one should master the game with the color nuances perfectly here. Otherwise, your own look looks quickly lost. A burgundy shirt on a “rusty” trousers can work well. If you want to make the color seem a bit milder, it is advisable to put on subtle patterns . Checks are always popular in this context – especially for shirts .

Garments that are wearable in the trend color red

So now we know how to wear the trend color red. What to look for when choosing the right color shade. And what is important on the whole, if you want to integrate red garments in your own look. In the following, I would like to show you some clothes that work wonderfully in a red color in your own outfit.

In the red coat or the red jacket on the street

On the red coat one notices directly that it is easier to wear red as the outermost layer than to integrate it into one of the “intermediate layers” in your own outfit. May also be because the color jumps directly into the eye and so on the road for a little security. So what would be more obvious than to wear a coat in red. Regarding the color you should either bet on a rather simple, restrained Burgunderrot. Alternatively, you go straight into the offensive and select a loud, dominant shade of red.

Photo by Iswanto Arif on Unsplash

The coat itself works as a protective layer just as well over the discreet, gray suit, as well as in combination with sweaters, jeans and boots. Just depends on one’s self as inconspicuous as you want to give yourself.

Of course, red jackets work in a casual street style. Here it is only necessary to pay attention to combine them accordingly. A red bomber jacket for plain trousers can work, a jeans would still be the better choice. The cuts should complement each other and play with each other. If you like, you can add different fabric structures to your own outfit, not just to color it.

T-shirt and shirt – also in red a good choice

With shirts you can definitely bring some color into play. It is advisable to set here on darker, strong reds, plus a pair of color “steamed” pants. Flannel shirts are also available to create a stylish look. And do not worry, there is not only the classic lumberjack look … In combination with a casual chino, alternatively a pair of jeans and boots to please the style.

Trend color red - so you wear these in everyday life
Trend color red – so you wear these in everyday life

Photo by Camilla Carvalho on Unsplash

If you prefer to move in the casual, casual area with red garments, then there is no way around a simple T-shirt over. The most striking effect you have in your own appearance, if you put on a solid, bright red T-shirt. A bit more subtle is in shirts with red letters. So you bring only a little color in your own look and yet achieved a signal effect.

T-shirts with a white logo or graphics against the red are particularly effective in an outfit, with the contrast providing a particularly eye-catching design. So it should not be surprising why famous brands from Cola to Supreme use the power of this special color combination. If you opt for a red polo shirt under a sporty crew neck, a darker shade goes well with it. In addition to this you can wear a neutral blazer.

Knitted pullover, Norwegian pullover and other knitwear trends in red

Knitted garments such as knit sweaters and Norwegian sweaters are more in line with the trend this year . In combination with red as a trendy color completely convincing. Especially in the fall.

Photo by whereslugo on Unsplash

Especially with such knit garments you can definitely put on a strong shade of red. Here you do not have to be afraid that these too much in the foreground. As a rule, these are combined with other pieces such as a jacket or pants in a neutral color. This alone dampens the strong red tone of the knitted pullover. If one wears these jeans, one should rather put on a lighter red. Even a turtleneck sweater in deep red makes a good impression.

Red shoes and Oxblood Oxford

In one of the previous paragraphs mentioned are sneakers, as well as elegant men’s shoesthe smallest element in a successful outfit. But just for that reason incredibly important. Because of their present effect and inclusion in their own look, red can develop its full effect as a color.

Photo by Ben Konfrst on Unsplash

For sneakers you can recommend iconic models that blend well with this color. High tops like Chuck Taylors or Air Jordans or low tops like Vans Authentics are a good choice. For elegant shoes, Oxblood is a daring point of difference, working with most shades of formal pants. In Oxblood you can wear , for example, penny loafers , a chunky derby or monkshoes. Even the classic oxford makes a good figure.

Shorts and pants that stand out

For the leisure and holiday look, there is no way around red shorts. And do not worry, they do not have to remind you of Baywatch and David Hasselhoff … Especially as swimming shorts, a bright red makes quite good. If you wear red shorts in everyday life, you should combine them with shirts in navy or stone, as well as cream. As a result, the strong red shade is a little toned and the look seems like a one-off.

Photo by Lasaye Hommes on Unsplash

Red pants are a bit harder to combine. But this is also possible. For pants you should bet on a deeper burgundy. Optionally plain or with checked pattern. The latter takes away a little the eye-catching character of the piece. If you like street style, you can also put on a side stripe jogger with a sweatshirt and cap. The joggers of course with appropriate accent stripes.

Accessories in red: socks and tie

The red tie is known by Donald Trump. Actually a reason not to wear this. Nevertheless, it stands as an accessory for power, dominance and victory. Qualities that you would like to emphasize in your professional life. If you pay attention to a few points in the selection, you can not do much wrong.

It is important to choose the right material. Shiny materials like silk should be avoided when choosing bright colors because they can look cheap. Instead, you should choose something with a texture like wool. Just a white or blue shirt, a dark brown or navy suit and you have your finished look.

Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

Another accessory that is underestimated are the socks . Whether they look out under ankle-length trousers or deliberately staged with rolled-up jeans . A pair of simple, red socks definitely catch the eye. Otherwise, you might even go to the door without socks !?

Of course I am still interested in what do you think of the trend color red. Do you integrate these into your own outfits and styles? If so, consciously as an eye-catcher or a bit more discreet? Or does it also give you the balanced mix?

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