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Do you also want to exercise more, but simply don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym every week? Fortunately, there are other ways to get more exercise. Everyone has a different life, therefore it is important to read the tips below and only use the tips that fit in your life.

1: Take the stairs more often (Exercise)

Everyone will have heard this tip, but if you want to move more you will have to take the step to take the stairs. You can force yourself to take the stairs more often by linking the stairs to a habit. An example of this is to only go upstairs to the toilet, or only take water from the tap above if you want a glass of water.

2: Leave the car and take the bike (Exercise)

Do you take your car to work or do a shopping every day, while the distance can also be cycled within an hour? Then take the bike more often. If the route is also walkable, you can even walk to work.

3: Walk every day (Exercise)

By walking every day you make many more steps than when you don’t do this. You also do not immediately have to take a walk of an hour, a block every evening is a step in the right direction.

4: Take a (babysitter) dog

If you are a dog lover, one way to get more exercise is to take an active dog. If you don’t have time for a dog in your life, you can also find someone who can use help with walking a dog. There are plenty of elderly people who are happy if you want to walk their dogs once a week.

5: Walk at a faster pace

If you walk at a faster pace, you will not cover a longer distance, but you will burn more calories. In addition, you get a faster heart rate from running fast, which is certainly good for someone who is not exercising.

6: Do not consult while seated

Walking during a consultation is good for you. You can use this tip both at work during a meeting and at home when talking to a family member.

7: Take an exercise bike

An exercise bike or a chair bike (see for example this Deskshaper ) is ideal if you don’t have time to travel to a gym. You can jump on it whenever you want and you have the freedom to decide for yourself how long you cycle. You can also easily combine cycling on the home trainer with other activities such as watching television.

8: Measure how much you move

By measuring how much you move, you automatically start making more conscious choices to ensure that you move more. Nowadays there is a pedometer on every telephone with which you

set a goal every day to achieve a certain number of steps. In addition, the phone also indicates when you get too little exercise on a day, so it is easier to adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

9: Avoid sitting a lot

You can prevent you from sitting too long by starting a timer as soon as you sit in a chair. It is good for your body to get up and walk around regularly.

10: Play along with your children

If you have children, you can exercise more by playing with your children. This has the advantage that you do not have to make extra time for it, but instead of watching your children play you now participate. For example, jump on a trampoline or join in with other games. This way you get exercise yourself and the children will love it.

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