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I see a lot of new accounts on Instagram and I see so many of myself in those girls. I prefer to leave comments everywhere. Always the same and the sweetest in Capslock: PLEASE DO NOT DO IT! An open letter to the Jamila from two years ago, written by today’s Jamila. The Jamila who drinks nice wines, does her healthy thing but, above all, does everything nicely. 

Please do not. Not anymore.

You want to take better care of your body, go through life and feel vital. 
You start to eat healthily and have found your big passion: sports. 
You go (almost) every day, preferably as early as possible so that you start your day with a good feeling. 
But secretly actually because during the day you will be faced with such evening training. And then almost always suddenly find much more important things to do. 
You prepare your meals well, luckily you are just not weighing up. 
You know every time to push your limits and learn to step outside your comfort zone. 
Good for you !

Yet I get sad when I observe you from a distance. 
Every day you look at yourself in the mirror and you are so hard on yourself. 
You don’t say ugly things, but you always think the same thing ‘not there yet’ . 
Also in sports. You achieve new goals but take no more than a day to celebrate progression. Then you must go on again. Because yes, new goals can be achieved.

Fortunately, you have never been able to say no to those meals and liters of wine. You never started to isolate yourself. But you have created an image with your fellow man and you think that you should hold that image. Even though nobody expects that from you. It is mainly in your own head.

Your intentions were so good

A workout no longer applies once it is not posted on Instagram. And the more workouts are posted, the better. The stress state in which you live, on the other hand, ensures that the kilos arrive rather than lose weight. This stress ensures that you cannot really be happy.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. 
Sometimes that is more difficult to see, but one thing is certain: you are not here to suffer. 
I prefer to shout it from the rooftops: Life is a playground ! 
All the time you spent in comparing yourself and being strict with yourself, you could use it much better to create total peace with yourself. 
Nice wink at yourself in the mirror for example, just because you are allowed to be there. 
I would have liked you to have done things differently. 
Yet I also know that where you sometimes stand in life, is also just where you should be. 
I can say that I have learned from your mistakes and never want to tackle it in the same way.

You actually started exercising and eating healthy to feel good. Your intentions were always good. Once busy you only sometimes forgot a bit what was really important and you could be distracted quite a bit.

I have made a list for you, a kind of manual that will take you back to basics. Every time you do not like it anymore, or want too much again, look at this list. And what you did before. Just don’t do it anymore. Please. Do not do it!

Then what?

– Put that phone down, go outside. There is life, there is magic! 
– Work out again to feel good, not to create a certain dream body. And certainly not to tap a number. 
-Learn to recognize signals from your body and especially to listen to them. 
– Do not take yourself so seriously, live for something that is bigger than yourself. 
-Train yourself to speak positively about yourself. Every time you look at yourself in the mirror, say something positive. Feels a bit awkward in the beginning, but trust me you will believe in it. 
-Go try new recipes again, enjoy cooking. 
– More importantly, only eat when you are really hungry and don’t go crazy with all that foodphotos. 
-Do what feels good, not what should. 
– Learn to ground through meditation. You can observe all the dream bodies that you see passing by, just like your thoughts. But you don’t have to run after it, they just come and they go. You don’t have to put a label on it. And they certainly don’t shout ‘look like me’. No, they come and they go.

Your biggest fan. Always.

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