very person wants to identify and realize the potential inherent in it. This is a natural desire and desire to live life with benefit. How personal characteristics are related to Myers-Briggs typology with the presence of superpower you will learn from the article. 

But first I will remind an important point.

The type of personality affects our choices and aspirations, but does not limit them. 
If you are an INFP , then most likely you are striving for work that is focused on the welfare of others and meets your inner values. You will strive to fulfill this need for work and in everything you do. 

Being an INFP does not mean not being able to be an organizer, analyzing complex events and phenomena, not having the pleasure of communicating with other people. INFP, if it has the necessary skills, is able to cope perfectly with tasks that would seem inherent to people of the opposite warehouse, but nevertheless its special superpower always lies in natural features.

If you do not know your type of person by MBTI, try to determine the likely type here.
MBTI personality type test
MBTI personality types and your super powers

Celebrities among the ISTJ: George Washington.
ISTJ – Concentration

These are attentive and thoughtful personalities. They are observant, studying the situation in detail and nuances. Act clearly and neatly. ISTJ is often terse. They are not in a hurry to share their observations or assessments. But they are always masters of their craft. By attracting such a person to the project, you can be sure that he will ensure that everything works like a clock.

ESTJ celebrities: Michelle Obama.
ESTJ – Organization

Such people are just a find in an environment where it is necessary to restore order. ESTJs are able to soberly assess the situation, set priorities, assess the degree of importance of the details and put everything on the shelves. These are leaders who are quickly gaining prestige through their rationalism and practicality. ESTJ are distinguished from the 16 types of personality by Myers-Briggs by the exceptional ability to use administrative resources.

ISFJ celebrities: Mother Teresa.
ISFJ – Devotion to the

ISFJ are compassionate and attentive to the problems of society. Not limited to a superficial notion that someone – people, animals, the natural world – is suffering. They are immersed in the details of the study of the problem and are actively involved in solving it. They are devotees in showing concern for others, who in the meantime are not inclined to show their merits.

ESFJ celebrities: Larry King.
ESFJ – Helping others

These active people actively help others. But at the same time they are far from abstract ideas. The organizers and strategists of the ESFJ prefer concrete measures and practical methods for solving problems, making well-thought-out plans for getting out of a crisis situation. They will always make sure that their activities cover all those who need care.

Celebrities among the ISTP: Michael Jordan.
ISTP – Findability

Even in the most critical and difficult situations ISTP maintain a cold mind. They are able to abstract from emotions and focus on choosing the most effective solution. Psychologist David Kersey calls such people “masters of tools.” These are fearless people who are not afraid of the complexity of technology, equipment or high demands on the level of skill. The more complex, the more interesting for them. Such people learn quickly.

ESTP celebrities: Theodore Roosevelt.
ESTP – Dexterity

Such people can be compared with a self-learning computer program. They quickly immerse themselves in the context of the situation, subject it to mathematical analysis and give the finished solution to the surface. These are crisis managers, agile and maneuverable, they can be safely relied upon in a critical situation.

ISFP celebrities: Merlin Monroe.
ISFP – The passion of

ISFP is often outwardly restrained, but those who get to know them better know that they are very sensitive and passionate people. These are individualists who combine the artist’s artistic nature, practicality and determination. Their passion does not know external obstacles, they persistently go to the goal and remain steadfast and loyal even in difficult circumstances.

ESFP celebrities: Richard Branson.
ESFP – Optimism

These people fundamentally disagree with the Chinese proverb: “God forbid living in an era of change!” Although instability and the future are unknown, the prospect of future changes inspires them. Natural optimism and curiosity allow us to discover new reserves in action and inspire and support those who are prone to despair and indulge in self-pity.

Celebrities among INTJ: Isaac Newton.
INTJ – Strategy

These people are looking to the future. They easily pick up trends and needs and form a goal to which they work hard, constantly trying out various methods and means. INTJ are focused on results and highly organized towards achieving it.

Celebrities among ENTJ: Napoleon Bonaparte.
ENTJ – Efficiency

ENTJ – visionary and determined people. Having set a goal, they go to it without hesitation, discarding emotions and without going into unnecessary details and details. These are strong leaders, who are alien to doubt and self-doubt.

Celebrities among INTP: Albert Einstein. 
INTP – Analytics

“I want to get to the essence in everything” – almost every INTP can say this about itself. Whether it is a question of a scientific study or a heart drama, they see logic in everything, discover interconnections, establish cause and effect. The solution to the problem is original and often unexpected for others. The entire complex INTP thought process tends to hold to itself and give the finished result to the surface.

Celebrities among ENTP: Benjamin Franklin.
ENTP – Innovations

ENTPs are inquisitive and open to new personalities. The crisis situation is new opportunities for them. Each problem and difficult situation is a reason to offer a new unique solution. Logic, intuition successfully combined in them with natural charm and charm.

Celebrities among INFJ: Mahatma Gandhi.
INFJ – Vision

INFJ have a global vision of the situation in its development and perspective. The nature of human passions is revealed to them, in full view. These are psychologists, writers, philosophers, humanists, who point mankind on the path to self-improvement.

Celebrities among the ENFJ: Martin Luther King.
ENFJ – Empathy

ENFJ astute and receptive people. They can easily convey the mood of the interlocutor and the atmosphere reigning in the team. They will always give wise advice and find a behavior vector that satisfies, motivates and unites all participants in the situation.

INFP celebrities: Princess Diana
INFP – Integrity

In any activity, INFPs are guided by moral values. They will not take on a project in which they will feel ambiguous in terms of honesty and decency. If the work has the values of public benefit and help others, then they enthusiastically show passion, dedication and ingenuity.

Celebrities among ENFP: Walt Disney.
ENFP – Imagination

ENFP will not let you be bored. They are always inclined to come up with something original and interesting, in order to make the life of those around them full, rich, radiant with all colors. With them, even the routine will seem an amazing adventure.


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