Another financial year has been completed and you can find out: representatives of what signs of the Zodiac are leading among the richest people in the world – someone is still, and someone, perhaps, suddenly breaking ahead or, conversely, shifting down. However, constant small movements and changes of positions in this list occur daily, at the end of the trading day.

The dates of birth of 613 richest people in the world are known and, as it turned out, the leader among all are representatives of the Virgo sign: of the 793 richest people, which is 12% of all the richest people on the planet, and of 613 whose birth dates are known, 70 of them are This is, for example, the third richest man on the planet – American investor Warren Buffet, whose fortune is estimated at more than $ 80 billion, as well as 16th in the rating, Alice Walton – co-owner Woolmart, her fortune is approaching $ 45 billion and Jack Ma a Chinese businessman engaged in electronics, his fortune is close to $ 35 billion; etc.

And the fact that this is exactly the case is not surprising: in astrology it is believed that people born under the sign of Virgo have enviable hard work, determination and pay much attention to the cause, not counting anything trivial. In addition, they have an analytical mind, they are aimed at achieving excellence and are motivated not only by personal gain, but also by the desire to be useful to society, people.

No FULL NAME Zodiac sign Activity State, billion
one Jeff Bezos Capricorn Amazon 136.9
2 Bill Gates Scorpio Microsoft 94.6
3 Warren buffett Virgo Berkshire Hathaway 80,8
four Bernard Arno Fish Lvmh 71.2
five Carlos Slim Helu Aquarius telecom 61.9
6 Amancio Ortega Aries Zara 60,8
7 Larry Ellison a lion software 58.5
eight Mark Zuckerberg Taurus Facebook 53.3
9 Larry Page Aries Google 50.1
ten Sergey Brin a lion Google 48.9
eleven Charles Koch Scorpio Koch Industries 48
12 David Koch Taurus Koch Industries 48
13 Francoise Bettencourt Myers Crayfish L * Oreal 45
14 Jim walton Twins Woolmart 44.9
15 Mukesh Ambani Aries oil, gas, chemical industry 44.8
sixteen Alice walton Virgo Woolmart 44.7
17 S. Robson Walton Sagittarius Woolmart 44.6
18 Michael Bloomberg Aquarius Bloomberg 44.1
nineteen Steve Ballmer Aries Microsoft 40.7
20 Ma Huateng Scorpio online media 37
21 Jack Ma Virgo electronics 34.6
22 Beate Heister and Karl Albrecht Jr. date is hidden supermarkets 34.1
23 Sheldon Adelson a lion casino 33.8
24 Hui Ka Yang Libra the property 32.5
25 Michael Dell Fish computers 32.4
26 Phil knight Fish NIKE 31.7
27 Li Ka-shing Twins attachments 30.7
28 Lee Shau Kee Capricorn the property 29.2
29 Francois Pino Taurus luxuries 29.1
thirty David thomson Crayfish mass media 28.7
31 Tadashi Yanai Aquarius fashion 24.8
32 Jacqueline Mars Virgo sweets, pet food 23.7
33 John mars Virgo sweets, pet food 23.7
34 Wang Jianlin Scorpio the property 22.7
35 Elon Musk Crayfish Tesla Motors 22
36 Dieter Schwartz Virgo trade 21.7
37 Dietrich Mateschitz Taurus Red bull 21.6
38 Leonid Michelson a lion gas, chemistry 21.5
39 Theo Albrecht Jr. Fish Aldi 21.5
40 Azim Premji Twins software 21.3
41 Leonardo Del Vecchio Twins glasses 21
42 Giovanni Ferrero Virgo nutella 20.8
43 Suzanne Klatten Taurus BMW, Pharma 20.8
44 Masayoshi Son a lion Internet, telecom 20.7
45 Joseph Safra Virgo banks 20.5
46 Jorge Paulo Lehmann a lion Beer 20.3
47 James simons date is hidden banks 20
48 Vagit Alekperov Virgo oil 19.4
49 He Xiangjiang date is hidden Appliances 19.3
50 Henry Sy Capricorn attachments 19.2
51 Rupert Murdoch Aquarius broadcasters, broadcaster 19.1
52 Gennady Timchenko Scorpio oil nineteen
53 Stefan Quandt Taurus BMW 18.9
54 Yang Huyang date is hidden the property 18.7
55 Vladimir Lisin Taurus steel 18.7
56 R. Budi Khartono Taurus banks, tobacco 18.4
57 Ray Dalio Crayfish banks 18.1
58 Lauren Powell Jobs Scorpio Apple Disney 17.9
59 Thomas Peterfi Virgo broker 17,8
60 Sricand Parmanand Hinduja Sagittarius investments 17.5
61 Alexey Mordashov Libra steel investment 17.1
62 Heinz Hermann Thiele Aries engineering 17
63 Donald Bren Taurus the property 16.4
64 Vladimir Potanin Capricorn metal 16.2
65 Flax Blavatnik Twins attachments 16.4
66 Karl Icahn Aquarius attachments 16.5
67 Joseph lau Crayfish the property sixteen
68 Thomas and Raymond Kwok date is hidden the property 16.1
69 Louis Che Wu a lion casino 15.6
70 Stefan Persson Libra H & M 15.2
71 Takemitsu Takidzaki Twins electronics 15.1
72 Lee kun hee Capricorn samsung 14.8
73 Mikhail Fridman Taurus oil, banks, telecom 15
74 Lucas Walton Taurus Woolmart 15.1
75 Gina Rinehart Aquarius mining 14.7
76 Pallonji Mistry date is hidden building 14.6
77 David and Simon Reuben date is hidden investment and real estate 14.4
78 Abigail johnson Sagittarius banks 14.3
79 Iris Fontbona date is hidden mining 14.6
80 William Dean Libra Online Games 14.6
81 Georg Scheffler Libra auto parts 14.3
82 Lakshmi mittal Twins steel 14.1
83 Dhanin Chearavanont Aries attachments 13.8
84 Emmanuel Bénier Virgo cheese 13.6
85 Eric Schmidt Taurus google 13.6
86 Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken Twins Heineken 13.6
87 Harold Hamm Sagittarius oil Gas 13.5
88 Pierre Castel and family date is hidden wine 13.5
89 Charoen Sirivadkhanabhakdi Taurus drinks, real estate 13.4
90 Shiv Nadar Crayfish software 13.3
91 Peter Kellner Taurus bacca 13.3
92 Robert Quoc Virgo real estate, delivery, palm oil 13.3
93 Andrey Melnichenko Fish coal, fertilizers 13.1
94 Alain Wertheimer Libra Chanel 13
95 Gerard Wertheimer Aries Chanel 13
96 Li Shufu Crayfish cars 12, 9
97 Leonard Lauder Fish Estee Lauder 12.9
98 Herman Larrea Mota Velasco a lion mining 12.9
99 Michael Khartono Libra banks, tobacco 12.8
100 Steve Cohen Sagittarius banks 12.8

But those who were not born under the gold-bearing sign of Virgo are not particularly upset: about 8% of the world’s rich belong to the signs of Aries and Aquarius. Thus, the brightest representatives of Aries are the owner of ZARA stores Amancio Ortega (the state over 60 billion dollars is the 6th place) and Google representative Larry Page (the state is over 50 billion dollars the 9th place). And under the sign of Aquarius, Carlos Slim Helu was born, telecom (the state of almost 62 billion dollars – 5th place). Until recently, the richest man on the planet, Bill Gates (now in 2nd place, with a fortune of almost $ 95 billion) was born under the sign of Scorpio.

* by the way, two of the richest Russians – Gennady Timchenko (oil, gas, a fortune of $ 19 billion) and Roman Abramovich (steel, investments; $ 11.4 billion) are also Scorpions

As astrologers say, these signs have an extraordinary charm, thanks to which they succeed. And they cite as an example of Windows OS: people hate this program, but they still buy it. And Scorpios, besides this, strive to do everything possible to force others to do what they need.

The smallest number of billionaires born Sagittarius – only 6%. Sagittarius rather unorganized, do not pay attention to the details and are accustomed to rely on fortune and God. True, they more than compensate for the lack of business perseverance with creative instincts. Not surprisingly, director Steven Spielberg and film producer Arnon Milchen are among the brightest representatives of this sign among the richest people on the planet …

Of the representatives of Russia among the richest people on the planet, all the same names are mentioned: Michelson ( Leo ), Alikperov ( Virgo ), Timchenko (Scorpio), Lisin (Taurus), Mordashov ( Libra ), Potanin ( Capricorn ), Friedman ( Taurus ), Melnichenko ( Fish ), Vekselberg ( Aries ), Usmanov (Virgo), Abramovich ( Scorpio ), Khan (Scorpio), Prokhorov (Taurus), Rashnikov (Libra), Fedun (Aries), Kuzmichyov (Libra), Makhmudov (Sagittarius), Kerimov ( Fish), Rybolovlev ( Sagittarius ), Aven (Fish), Kozitsyn ( Gemini ), Skoch ( Aquarius ), Popov (Leo), Gurev (Aries), etc.

It seems that in Russia representatives of the signs Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpina and Pisces know how to make money the most, followed by Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius, then Gemini, Capricorns and Aquarius. It is noteworthy that the only sign of the zodiac that is not represented in the list of the richest people in Russia is Cancer.

As you can see from the table, despite the fact that Capricorn unexpectedly took the first place, having displaced Scorpio to the second, Virgo takes the third place. In addition, it is worth noting that the total number of Virgos in the list is quite significant; they – by the number of representatives in the hundred richest – only Tauruses slightly overtake What is not surprising: for a long time this zodiac sign was considered to attract wealth, prosperity and glory. Taurus one of the few can manage their expenses so that the item of income remains consistently higher in their budget. They also have the necessary patience and diligence to achieve their goals. Among Taurus many people are prone to economic sciences, pedagogy and creativity.

In second place – by the number of representatives in the top hundred – Virgo, but if you take the total number of billionaires (not only TOP-100), then Virgo is out of competition.

Among the richest people on the planet are also quite a lot of Gemini, Lviv, Aries, Rakov and Libra. Next in the number in the first hundred are Aquarius and Pisces, and then Scorpios, Sagittarius and Capricorns.

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