Can I trust the online MBTI type test? 
All the tests that you find on the Internet to determine the type of personality on the MBTI, do not give you guaranteed to 100% accurately determine your type. These tests are created more for fun and first acquaintance with the Myers-Briggs personality typology. 

The MBTI type of personality test itself is protected by copyright law and is not laid out in open access to the Internet; moreover, this test is paid and is distributed only through certified MBTI practitioners.

I passed (a) different tests and my MBTI result is different. Why?
It is all about the imperfection of the counting algorithms and the type of questionnaire that you pass. You have given slightly different answers and as a result of this you get a different type of personality. What can you recommend? Read the 2 descriptions that the test gave you and think about which one looks more like you. If you need a 100% guarantee of accuracy in determining the type of solution is here.
I know my personality type from MBTI, but what next? How to apply?
ABOUT! This is the main question! Because acquaintance with your MBTI type of personality is only the first step in mastering this amazing system! 

I regularly show how to work with the Myers-Briggs personality typology in my free workshops, paid courses and consultations, as well as in the free newsletter ! Just start reading my letters and you will soon begin to apply the MBTI in your life. MBTI is the key to the people around you.

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