The myth of Aries: you are noisy, aggressive and love to engage in conflicts.
The truth about Aries: I do not know how to control my emotions, therefore I express them with actions and words.

The myth of Taurus: you are lazy, eat a lot and constantly complain.
The truth about Taurus: I like luxury and comfort, I work a lot so that I have the opportunity to rest so often, I only want the best, and, in fact, I am rather picky about food.

The myth of Gemini: you are two-faced, you change your moods and plans every now and then and too many individuals get along in you.
The truth about Gemini: a lot of things happen in my mind and I cannot express all this through just one image, but I can adapt very well to any situation.

The Crayfish Myth: You are weak and fragile.
The truth about the Crayfish: I am strong, my vulnerability is only an outer shell; my true power lies in my unpredictability.

The myth of the Lions: you are vain and selfish.
The truth about Leo: I respect myself and everything I do, I am interested in self-development and I know that I also have something to work on.

The myth of the Virgin: you are a loner and cold to all .; Moreover, you are socially awkward.
The truth about Virgos: I like to communicate with others, but I am very shy and feel more comfortable alone with myself.

Libra myth: you are fake and you cannot take care of yourself.
The truth about Libra: I just want to make everyone around happy, so I’m afraid to upset some people.

The Scorpion Myth: You have a dark soul and you hate everyone; you’re obsessed with sex.
The truth about Scorpios: I am afraid of being revealed to others, therefore sex is the only opportunity to surrender to someone, without really opening the veil of my consciousness.

Myth of Sagittarius: you are always cheerful and optimistic.
The truth about Sagittarius: I try to be positive for the sake of others, but I hide behind my cheerfulness in order to hide real feelings.

Myth of Capricorn: you are boring and obsessed with work.
The truth about Capricorns: I do not really like doing things, but I want to enjoy the successful result; besides, i’m afraid to let others down.

The myth of the Aquarius: you are strange and seemingly detached from the real world.
The truth about Aquarius: I have a fairly wide range of interests, but I prefer to stay at a distance, because relationships with people are not my strength.

Myth about Pisces: you constantly sleep, whine, cry, or as if dazed.
The truth about Pisces: the real world seems too cruel to me, I don’t know how to survive in it and I just want to escape from everything.

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