It was one of those moments where joy and a hunch meet the heart. Another “wow-moment”! I read in the book “Being a person before God” by Bishop Stefan Oster.

In this he quotes Siren Kierkegaard : “Love can only be treated by one single species, namely, by expressing oneself; they have grown up means to build. But to salve them means to presuppose that they are actually present. ”  So beautiful!How often do we succumb to the temptation to force love, to manipulate, to satisfy one’s need. We often lose sight of the other and the true essence of love. Love wants to be loved!

How much respect for the uniqueness and uniqueness of each other, how much tenderness, beauty and truth are in this thought! How much room does the other get there? He is never used as a means to an end. No willingness to have, but full of care to deal with this gift of love that is present in the other.

It is not about me. It’s about the precious gift of love in the other. The love fell out. Build love. This requires a departure from oneself, the courage to go beyond oneself. For something bigger that does not have the ego to scale. Also the courage to dive into another dimension. Quasi “get your feet wet”, because it is also a walk on water, leaving the security of control behind.

It’s not complicated: just have a loving eye for the other, for what does the other good, for what gives him pleasure – away from myself, towards you. The love fell out.

Trivial, in everyday life, begins the true life and the true love that is strong, courageous, breathtaking, faithful, beautiful, deep, infinitely far, high and immortal.