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Perhaps you already saw it last week: we were in the New Yoga School in Amsterdam for the presentation of the Anti-stress guide of the Yoga Magazine. It was a very nice day with a yoga session by Johan Noorloos and a music meditation by Tijn Touber.

A good example of why yoga and meditation are so important to de-stress: the day of the event we were actually very busy, and we doubted whether there was time for the yoga session and meditation. We surrendered to it and felt so much more energetic and focused after the session. This is really how it works with both yoga and meditation. Special, but true.

We are in it

Of course we also toast this edition with editor-in-chief Heleen Peverelli and the event was extra fun because we were also interviewed for this Anti-stress special.

We answer questions such as: How do you stay relaxed? Where do you get stress from? And what do you do in a day? Our interview is on page 33. Furthermore, this special includes 5 easy meditations, the 6 most popular relaxation trips and a test where you can find out how sensitive you are to stress. There are no fewer than 129 exercises and tips throughout the guide!

We think the yoga magazine is nice to read anyway, but this anti-stress special really focuses on, how to guess, de-stressing. And that is something everyone can use in this performance-oriented society and so by the end of the year. We are already doing yoga and meditation to support us in this, but if you do not yet do this then this may be a nice and easy way to get started.

Online Anti-stress training from Johan Noorloos

Do you want to go one step further, or do you need extra guidance? The Yoga magazine now offers the online Anti-stress training in collaboration with Johan Noorloos. You can use this to work online with Johan for five weeks. For those who don’t know him: Johan is the Netherlands’ best-known Yogi and owner of the New Yoga School in Amsterdam. If you have never been there then this is really a must!

With the online training you will receive three talks a week from Johan with nice eye-openers, background information and of course yoga and meditation lessons. He has also recorded a number of videos with various experts, including a psychologist. This way you learn a lot about stress from different angles. You also get access to YogaTV for three months. Here you will find a huge number of lessons from 15 minutes to 90 minutes and really something for everyone. Vinyasa, Nidra, you name it: they have it.

Be Your Own Guru

The best thing about this training is that you learn to recognize your stress signals and therefore learn to cope with tensions in a healthy and sustainable way. This fits in perfectly with our vision; “Be Your Own Guru.” You also get so many tips in the magazine that you really go a long way to go through life with less stress. So that is really a gift for yourself. 

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