Loving is a skill

I beg your pardon? Love is a feeling, either it is there or not.

Love wears off. Or it just evaporates over the years or it just dies after many little disappointments. I often hear that today.

To love, it seems to me, is human beings of the cradle. It means she comes all by herself. To love alone is not difficult, but loving one can be difficult.

Despite all failures, Wish # 1 of the great majority of people is still the lasting and faithful love. Longing also tells me that true love must be possible, that hope remains, no matter what. We seek love, we seek it, we find it too, but we can not seem to hold on to it.

My experience is that mature love does not come by itself, that you have to do something similar to how to train a muscle. In my interior, I have to first turn a “switch”.
Loyalty, in my view, is a persistence even in bad times, in crises of any kind. I do not just want to react to circumstances, but to act, i.e to determine what these circumstances “do to me”.

Freedom is for me the ground on which love grows. I can not force love. If my love is reciprocated then that’s fine, but if it’s missing, I can still choose to love freely.

Love is a feeling, yes, but so much more. Without love everything is nothing. Through love, given or received, we experience the true meaning of our life. The ability to love in a partnership means for me to know myself and my partner well, to know where we stand and where we want to go, because only those who have a plan are not haphazard. And then nobody can really stand up to our partnership anymore. Guaranteed.

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