The right partner

I am hopelessly romantic and because of me also from the day before yesterday: I believe in the wonderful, shining, good in the person, who looks for a partner happily. He does not let himself be confused so quickly and knows exactly which properties are important.

“Every beginning has its own magic.” (Hermann Hesse, after a quote from Meister Eckhart)

In the beginning, in being in love, one seeks and sees in the other one very strongly the good, the true and the beautiful. It is therefore all the more important to take a closer look and read “between the lines” in the partner.

Three properties are for the relationship

Many today speak of values ​​that we should seek and promote. They help to find a good and beautiful way through the jungle “life”. Three characteristics are very significant for the relationship:

  • Honesty: First, I test myself and, secondly, the other for the purpose of the words and above all the deeds. I stand by my word, even if it demands something from me. I do not use a relationship for my benefit.
  • Truthfulness: is the love of truth and openness. What I say and do is the truth of my feeling and thinking. It does not matter if this is behavioral or not.
  • Loyalty: I stand not only to the other, but also to a higher common goal. For example: do not joke at the expense of the partner, do not expose him, especially not in front of third parties. I talk to others – if at all – only well about my partner.

Honesty, truthfulness and loyalty

Friendship is one of the highest goals in marriage. This requires honesty, truthfulness and loyalty. Then it is possible to live unconditional surrender as the highest form of love. That is the willingness to stand by the other in an unconditional way, whatever happens. Even if I did not like the words or deeds of the other one or even cause me pain.

I build trust with these qualities . The relationship needs the foundation of trust to grow. From this foundation, I can act and am able to build a new life together.

Unprepared to form a close bond that may only be based on feelings, benefits, or obligations to third parties may put the partners in a situation that is detrimental to a lasting relationship.

I do not like Friedrich Schiller’s “Song of the Bell” – yet it contains a clever appeal to lovers:

“Check out who ties forever, if the heart is at heart.”

Neither gut feeling nor mind should make a mate choice alone. The heart between the head and the stomach gives the best advice.

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