Taurus: you treat many people as friends, but they leave you and you are alone again

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Gemini: often you don’t see the difference between friends and those who want to hurt you

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Cancer: nothing can help you get rid of the person who became close

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Leo: you spend time on empty again and again until it remains very little

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Virgo: you want to save everyone, but you can not completely protect even yourself

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Libra: do you think that you can answer any questions, but your arguments are often not true

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Scorpio: your love is very strong, but because of this you forget to live

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Sagittarius: you are trying to move on, neglecting pain, so you do not learn anything

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Capricorn: you leave people, and later realize that you need them

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Aquarius: you talk a lot, but think a little

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Pisces: you forget that dreams need to be turned into reality

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