In fact, they want to find someone who does not have to constantly pretend to be a strong person (they think that everyone expects this from them, but they cannot be strong all the time, and they need someone who will understand this).


They usually want to find someone who is sure to be there and always ready to help, no matter what, – that is, they need someone who picks them up in case of any difficulties.


They would like to find someone with whom you can laugh and who will always be on their side, someone who is interesting, as a person, cheerful and with a good sense of humor.


They need someone who will help them get out of any life pit and will never condemn them for their emotions: The emotional part of life is very important for Cancers, but they do not believe that this is their weakness or problem.


They need someone who is not afraid to embrace them, even in the midst of scandal and verbal battles – this shows the Lions that they are always valued; the fact is that they sometimes only look confident, but inside they are not.


In fact, they need someone who will awaken an active, courageous part of the personality, who will help them become an essential part of the world and become a guide in this multi-faceted world; who will show that it is not necessary to always be shy and do not need to constantly build protective barriers.


They need a strong and confident person next to it, – one who rarely complains himself and is able to confidently calm them under any kind of stress.


They need a man who will love them unconditionally and will give them as much love as necessary; and most importantly – the one who does not break their hearts.


They need a man capable of spiritual generosity, self-confident so that it will not be a problem for him to give them a little freedom when the Strelets will need it, but even if they move a little further they will continue to love them.


Without a doubt, the one who will awaken the best feelings in them is necessary, will be able to make you laugh and teach you how not to be always serious.


They need a person who will not give up on them even when they close, the one who will show constant interest in them, making Aquarius feel important, because they, in fact, so rarely experience this condition that they need.


They need someone who will not take them for granted, who wants to spend a lot of time with them, doing different things together – all sorts of things, little things and who will give them a sense of security when their emotions rush over the edge.


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