You need to open up: give people the opportunity to learn more about you, tell us what’s going on in your head and about your problems.


You need to show when you are sad – so you will not need to keep everything in yourself, it will become easier to move on and be happier.


You need to travel more to get out of your usual routine and you definitely need to go through all the adventures you crave.


You need to love as if your heart has never broken. Allow yourself to be loved, try to believe that not everyone wants to hurt you.


You need to accept yourself. Fully. And do not worry so much about what others think of you. And let go of all negative thoughts.


You need to meet new people more often. Stop staying in your comfortable cocoon, – try to get to know your friends closer.


You need to free your thoughts. Let them go. You keep so many memories and assumptions in yourself – it only hurts and prevents you from moving on.


You need to find love and live in it, do not let go for a long time, do not leave the space of love. And this concerns not only people, but also what you like to do – your hobbies, etc.


First you need to learn to love yourself and stop paying attention again and again only to some other people and problems.


You need to take time to understand yourself, your thoughts, feelings, desires, and this is very important! – time to put all this in places.


You need to be friends with people who differ from you – so you can learn about other points of view and continue to develop in different directions.


You need to be more insistent. And don’t let people wipe their feet about themselves, learn to stand up for themselves.

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