You or I

Why true love requires a decision

We were very much in love and had big plans for our life together. So we walked in front of the altar almost 27 years ago and were convinced that we would do better than the many who after a certain time say goodbye to the marriage and get a divorce. However, after very busy years at the beginning, a certain mode gradually came into being: family, children, work, home, friends – all this was embedded in a solid set-up. Our marriage worked, even though the butterflies in the belly had become rarer and the crises were increasing.

At a weekend for married couples, we realized that we had unconsciously opted for a mediocre relationship for years. We understood that we had only partially unfolded the potential of our relationship. This was mainly because we had not developed our romantic love of the past to true love: Everyone was a bit selfish for themselves and wanted to get something for themselves from the relationship.

Phrases like “You are more important to me than me” or “Forget about me – I love you (FAMILY)” hit me “to the core”. I realized that true love asks for you and that the lover surrenders and is willing to sacrifice! Was not that exactly what we promised at the wedding altar?
Quickly we knew a lot. We made a decision that would radically change our lives and that we have never regretted until today. Today, we both no longer have our own, but the good of the other in view. Of course, there are times today that are not easy, but the quality of our relationship has taken on an entirely different dimension. And we both know that year after year our partnership will become more beautiful and fulfilling, as long as we live the love and each one of us sticks to the decision for you.