Funny people. They very easily come up with humorous answers, their humor is refreshing and innocent, even if the joke is quite “salty” and, moreover, the inappropriateness of such a joke, forcing people off guard, makes them laugh, even in the most inappropriate situation.


They can cheer on those who do not always understand the jokes and even can say that their sense of humor is not very developed, but they can laugh at themselves and laugh when others are not joking about them.


Most often – it is an instantaneous, situational, sharp humor, puns, puns, puns, epigrams.


At the same time sad and cheerful style of humor, in addition, they know a huge number of jokes.


Undoubtedly, the hyperbolic style of humor: excessive, risky and breathtaking exaggerations, parodies, jokes, cartoons. A lion is the person who can make you laugh to tears.


If they are not trying to be cheerful, then they do it well, but the funny thing is to watch them laugh at themselves and their reaction to a sudden joke, to funny movies, etc. In general, their humor is satirical.


Their humor is, for the most part, irony, and it can sometimes hurt you a little, but, in general, they are having fun and teasing you playfully, rather mildly.


They often hide their irony and a lot of subtle hints of something serious or important in jokes and sometimes they can catch you off guard and be confused by how much truth there is in their joke.


Topical, poignant and even capable of scaring people with humor. They are funny, capable of making you laugh out loud, especially loving to have fun in companies.


Of all the signs of the zodiac, they are least endowed with a sense of humor, in some cases, you can even talk about his breathtaking absence. But sometimes they are capable, unwittingly, of making surprisingly funny and comic comments – and you understand that there is some other coordinate system for humor: observational barb.


Intellectual, often understandable only to a little humor, sometimes – satirical. Their jokes may seem ridiculous – here and now, but they are difficult to remember and there is no point in repeating somewhere other than “here and now”.


Their humor is often similar to epigrams, they can in a humorous form condemn themselves, their comic hints can be risky and capable of catching anyone by surprise.

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