The abdominals are one of the areas that we are most worried about when training. Here is a selection of what are the best abdominal exercises for me . With these exercises and a bit of perseverance, you will get a flat belly and a marked abdomen.

The best exercises to work the abdomen

If you are new here, before you start, we leave you a link in which we explain in a general way how to do crunches .

Abdominal iron

The exercise of the abdominal plate can not go anywhere other than the first in this list of best exercises for abdominals. The abdominal plate is one of the best exercises that can be done for the abdomen,

The one hundred Pilates

The Pilates method leaves us great exercises to work our abdomen. One of the most famous exercises of this method of training is the Hundred. This exercise consists of maintaining a posture for 100 times, moving the hands, while the legs are raised, and the shoulders. If you want to see how to do this exercise visit the following link.

If this entrance exercise seems very hard, you can try first with the stretching of one leg , another Pilates exercise that works the abdomen and will help you prepare the Hundred. ¿ Why do Pilates ? Learn more about the Pilates method and its crador, Joseph Pilates .

Abdominal crunch

We could not finish this list without citing the abdominal crunch, “the abdominals” of a lifetime. Abdominal crunch is the most commonly known abdominal exercise.


Do not forget to stick the lower back to the floor (if you use a mat, the better). Raises the trunk to the height of the scapulae. When making the movement to climb, do not pull on the neck to climb, rise with the strength of the abdomen. And do not forget to synchronize breathing with exercise … release the air up.

Abdominals with wheel

If you want to equip yourself with accessories to do sit-ups at home. This way of training the abdomen is with the abdominal wheel, although it is not suitable for people who start, since it requires a lot of abdominal strength. Look how to use the abdominal wheel .

This exercise also works the lower back and back, in addition to the arms. Place a pad on your knees to make this exercise more comfortable.The abdominal wheel requires strength and previous training in the abdomen area. The way to train with the wheel must be progressive, since it requires a lot of strength and control of the CORE.

The exercise of abdominals with the wheel is one of the hardest, but at the same time more effective than we can do to work the area of ​​the abdomen.

Abdominal challenges

After seeing these best abs exercises you are sure to be motivated to start an abs challenge. We propose some challenges of 30 days to work the abdomen:

  • 30-day abdominal iron challenge
  • Challenge of the abdominal circuit
  • Challenge of the abdominal plate of 4 minutes or the Iron of 5 minutes .
  • Abdominal challenge: crunch and iron

Oblique abs

We should not forget the lateral (oblique) abs. Finish the workout for the abdomen with some obliques. How? There are different ways of working this area. We propose you two:

  • Obliques with dumbbells *
  • Oblique iron (30-day challenge)

* Do not have dumbbells? You can buy cheap dumbbells in this link . Or you can also use heavy objects, such as a water bottle, or a plastic bottle filled with sand.

Stretching the abdomen after training

Do not forget to stretch your abdomen after practicing these best abdominal exercises . You can use a Fitball to stretch .


Abdominal classes

Currently you can work the abdomen in different collective classes. If your problem when doing crunches at home is perseverance, attending this type of group classes can help you stay motivated , since you will exercise in company.

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