basket ball

Basketball is a team sport with which we can burn calories in an effective way, while we exercise our body and work our muscles in a compensated way. Through the game, we work with cardiovascular resilience, as well as speed, coordination, agility and reflexes.

What is the basketball?

It is a team sport. Also known as basketball or basketball (word that comes out of basketball , in English). Two teams of five players compete to introduce the ball into the basket of the opposing team. The ball is caught with the hands and players can only move by bouncing the ball against the ground.

The score of each one of the baskets is of two or three points (depending on the distance), or of a point if it is a free throw. It is played in four times of approximately 10 minutes each. Win the team that scores the most.

How can playing basketball improve your health?

Below we will see some of the benefits that playing basketball brings to our health.


The body is exercised in a compensated way

When we play basketball we work in an important way the lower train. The muscles of the legs and buttocks. Like the lower train, the upper body also gets a lot of muscle work through basket throws. To avoid injuries in the fast displacements playing basketball, it is important to equip yourself with the best material. 


The muscles of the arms, shoulders, back and CORE in full are exercised through the game of basketball. The movement and effort of shooting to the basket, passing, rebounding, and constant movement makes basketball a complete sport.

Therefore, we can say that playing basketball we exercise our entire body.

Many calories are burned

If you are looking for a sport with which to lose weight and lose weight effectively, basketball can be a very good option to consider. It is a cardiovascular exercise in which we can burn more than 500 calories in a single match. Also, being a fun story, time flies by.

Improves cardiopulmonary capacity

Basketball, like other cardiovascular sports, improves endurance and cardiopulmonary capacity. With the regular practice of cardiovascular sports we will be able to strengthen our lungs and also improve the oxygenation of the blood.

Improves stress and anxiety

Playing basketball is beneficial to improve anxiety and stress problems. On the one hand it is a team sport in which you can meet people and socialize with the other members of the team. On the other hand, the practice of sports causes our body to release endorphins, the so-called happiness hormone.

Develop mental agility

Basketball is a sport that forces us to think fast. While we play, we are constantly making decisions in a very fast, almost instinctive way.

Remember that to play basketball and prevent possible injuries it is important to equip yourself with good basketball shoes . This type of shoes specially designed for this sport provide the perfect grip with the floor, in addition to the optimal grip of the foot.

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