If you want to look toned legs and buttocks you can not miss this exercise routine for legs and glutes of 10 minutes.

Exercise routine for legs and buttocks to do at home in 10 minutes

This routine includes these exercises:

  • Buttocks lifts in 1, 2 and 3 times
  • Strides with heel lifts, 2 repetitions
  • Circles in balance
  • Stride + leg push-ups
  • Side elevations + knee
  • Stride + push-ups
  • Frontal / oblique elevations
  • Heel lifts

Routine legs and glutes video

Patry Jordan, from Virtual Gym, shows you this leg and glute routine so you can do it at home. The only thing you need to do this routine is a point of support (a bar, a broomstick, a chair …).


Do not forget, that for this, or any other exercise routine to be effective, must be followed with constancy, several times a week, or better yet, every day.

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