Motto – “Guns for battle!”
Favorite book: self-published “Journal of your own wise thoughts.”
Favorite activity: first shoot, then ask questions.
An ideal job: a sex therapist.
Key expression: “Do you speak to me?”

Motto – “What is mine is mine, what is yours is mine too!”
Favorite book: “Insatiable gourmet.”
Favorite lesson: to talk at dinner.
The ideal job: the judge, often making terrible sentences.
Key expression: “Why do you force me to attack you?”

Motto – “Gallop across Europe!”
Favorite book: “How to make anyone agree with anything.”
Hobby: to make hasty conclusions.
Ideal job: sell everything and open all doors.
Key expression: “Because I want it so much!”

Motto: “Go to my house!”
Favorite book: “The martyr’s guide.”
Hobby: whine.
Ideal job: adviser on all life issues
Key expression: “And this is after everything I’ve done for you!”

Motto – “Everything will be in my opinion, that is, excellent!”
Favorite book: “How quickly to master the art of intimidation” .
Hobby: to give orders.
Perfect job: boss bosses.
Key expression: “Well, did you jump?”

Motto – “Knowledge also needs love!”
Favorite book: “1001 steps to complete and final organization.”
Favorite lesson: worry.
Ideal job: manage the Eiffel Tower, personally checking all the steps of the emergency staircase.
Key expression: “So it won’t work!”

Motto – “Light my, mirror, say!”
Favorite book: “How to get married with a picture of Mona Lisa”.
Hobby: to smile unnaturally.
Perfect job: attorney for anyone.
Key expression: “On the other hand …”

motto is “The best means of defense is attack!”
Favorite book: “How I Have Found Mercy – the confession of the prosecutor”.
Favorite lesson: calculate your next move.
Ideal job: judge, jury member.
Key expression: “Well, you will dance with me for it!”

The motto is “More than you would like to know about anything!”
Favorite book: “How to become a philosopher in one minute”.
Favorite lesson: to rant before anyone who wants to listen.
Perfect job: Senator in charge of pirates.
Key expression: “Did I really do it?”

Capricorn Motto: “My stubbornness cannot be broken!”
Favorite book: “Ten secrets to achieving world domination.”
Hobby: to play the boss.
Perfect job: millionaire financial advisor.
Key phrase: “You can never be too rich or too poor”

Motto – “Surprise! Surprise! Long live the surprise! ”
Favorite book:“ How to benefit and have fun from the sleeping hedgehogs. ”
Favorite lesson: to catch someone’s eyes.
The ideal job: to introduce and remove the aircraft from the corkscrew.
Key expression: “Resistance is useless!”

Motto – “… but his thoughts were far away!”
Favorite book: “Handbook for interplanetary communications.”
Hobby: to bring up pirates and to rescue millionaires.
Perfect job: professional mourner.
Key phrase: “I’m so embarrassed!”


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