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Contrary to what one might think, personal defense and martial arts do not create aggressive people, if not quite the opposite, people who are self-confident, disciplined, and have a great capacity to anticipate and avoid conflicts. Have you ever considered learning to defend yourself? Today we tell you what are the reasons to learn self defense .

8 reasons why it is good to learn self-defense

There are many reasons to sign up for self-defense classes. We have summarized the 8 best reasons why it is good to learn self-defense. Currently there are very good martial arts schools such as Mugendo self defense , where you can learn this type of disciplines from the hand of great professionals.

Increase self confidence

Knowing self defense helps us to be calmer. The control, the ability to anticipate and react to any danger gives a security in oneself that does not give any other discipline.

Increase discipline

Like any martial art, learning self-defense requires a great deal of discipline. When we learn martial arts we develop a great sense of responsibility, control and discipline, skills that will later manifest themselves in other areas of our lives.

Be able to defend yourself if necessary

I hope you never have to use the knowledge in personal defense or martial arts. But instead, you can be sure, that if that moment comes, a situation in which you need to defend yourself, having this kind of knowledge you can solve the situation in a very different way than you would do not knowing anything about personal defense.

Learning martial arts is another way to get fit

In addition to learning to solve dangerous situations when necessary, martial arts are also one of the best ways to maintain and improve fitness. Martial arts train the body in a very compensated way, developing our entire body in equal parts.

The practice of martial arts provides a great increase in strength in both upper and lower train, so you get toned arms and legs. In addition to this, these disciplines help us to have a stronger CORE, so that the whole body is toned in a very compensated way, not having a part that works much more than the others.

Many of the martial arts techniques require a specific form of breathing. For this reason, the practice of martial arts helps us improve our cardio respiratory capacity.

Maintain a healthy mind

The martial arts take us towards a balance between the mind and the body. Contrary to what one thinks, martial arts do not create aggressive people, if not the opposite, it brings security and calmness. People who know martial arts or self-defense tend to be calmer.

Tensions are released

If you have stress, try to take some martial arts lessons. This type of training helps us to release accumulated tension and stress.

Improves our reflexes and reaction capacity

The classes of personal defense or martial arts will improve our reflexes, the ability to react quickly in situations of danger and to have a greater anticipation, the ability to anticipate some dangers before they occur.

Develop the ability to anticipate

Anticipation is also a form of self-defense, since it is a skill that will help us avoid certain problems or situations of danger, and prevent them from happening. The best fight is the one that is avoided.

What are you waiting for to sign up for self-defense classes?

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