Nowadays, many of the traditional characteristics of the signs of the zodiac in astrology are changing.

I offer updated information about what marriage is for modern signs of the zodiac.

Man – Scorpio and marriage

Scorpio will be married as long as there is a love spark in the marriage. There are legends about Scorpios describing their sexuality as something unprecedented. Let’s try to figure it out more accurately.

* men of this sign are more likely to marry once in their life – 76%, only 19% do it twice

* 19% after an unsuccessful marriage refuse to do it again ever again

* 58% say intimate relationships in marriage are best for them

* but at the same time, Scorpios do not like monotonous marital intimacy: they are supporters of surprises and lovemaking in various places, but they are not as dissolved as they are thought of.

* however, the time of the love merger of Scorpions is below average: from 11 to 20 minutes

* 10% Scorpions regularly imitate orgasm.

* and, in contrast to the assurances of traditional astrology, men are not such supporters of intimate intimacy: 34% of them talk about 1 – 3 sexual acts per week and only 27% speak about 4 or more; only 9% make love every day (below average), and 13% have from 1 to 3 acts per month

* 9% Scorpios would like to make love less often

* 8% Scorpio homo and 2% bi

* More often than men, other signs of the zodiac think that the amount of money (42%) or muscle is more powerful (36%) can make intimacy better (the desire to have the correct weight of them above all other signs of the zodiac – 43%)

* 52% violate marital fidelity, but 20% admit that it didn’t happen beyond treason: Scorpio will leave his wife only if they are going to marry his mistress

* only 6% of men have from five or more links on the side (this is one of the lowest results among men of all zodiac signs)

* for 46% of Scorpions, physical attraction was the cause of treason, 34% did not satisfy sex in the family, falls in love and changes 15% of men of this zodiac sign

* men – Scorpions do not necessarily change with a young lover: 12% of them attract more experienced, mature women (this is almost 2 times higher than the average result)

* to the word: man – Scorpio from those who can use adultery as a reason to end their marriage

* cheating on his wife is the reason for immediate divorce for only 15% of Scorpios, 63% would prefer to discuss the problem in order to try to save the marriage

* 18% (second place, after Libra) of men – Scorpions change from a feeling of revenge in response to adultery.

Woman – Scorpio and marriage.

The attitude of women to marriage can be expressed in one phrase: it is perfect for marriage – as long as marriage suits her.

* 64% of women – Scorpios marry 1 time, 31% – 2 times, 4% – 3 and 1% – 4, – i.e. 36% of women of this sign are remarried, which is the highest indicator among women of all zodiac signs

* almost half marry their only love

* 51% believe that their intimate life has become better in remarriage

* If we talk about intercourse, then a woman – Scorpio could have been the man who invented him, but since he exists by himself, she does not stop in trying to improve him by experimenting in this area

* she less often than all other women imitating orgasm by signs of the zodiac

* but 36% of women – the highest indicator for the signs of the zodiac – imagines itself during the intercourse of another partner

* seductive, impermanent, dissolute – the sexuality of a woman – Scorpio has many sides, but in any case she is central to her life

* woman – Scorpio deserved its image of a sexual siren by winning the rest of the women of all zodiac signs in the number of sexual acts: 14% of them declare that they make love daily, which is higher than the average for other women 9%

* 20% of them make love 4 or more times a week, 40% – from 1 to 3 times a week, and only 11% – the lowest among all women – from 1 to 3 times a month

* and only 8% of them are the lowest – would like to make love less often

* 2% of women of this sign are lesbians and 2% are bisexual

* 63% of women – Scorpions believe that the correct weight – the way to improve proximity

* women – Scorpios are leading in the number of betrayals in marriage: 42%, but 29% violated loyalty only once

* 41% of women of this sign change due to the physical attractiveness of the partner and only 26% (one of the lowest) fell in love with their lovers

* 23% change, seduced by the excitement of love courtship – this is more than in women of other zodiac signs and only 15% change because of not being satisfied with intimacy in marriage

* the age of the lover has no special meaning for them: 9% were carried away by younger partners, 7% were older by age

* when treating a husband, 53% will prefer to talk and find out problems, 34% will prefer to immediately file for divorce

Differences between men and women of this sign.

For women and men of this sign is characterized by the same attitude to marriage, but after the registry office their behavior changes. And while the man – Scorpio with all his strength will try to save the marriage, women – Scorpios, if they consider that the marriage is unsuccessful, will divorce without much thought, to try to start a family again.

But women more than men of this sign value intimacy in marriage and the reliability of marriage as a public institution.

Yes, it can be said that all Scorpios love intimate relationships, but women are more excitable and they prefer a shorter prelude and a longer merger, – for a man it’s all the other way around.

Men – Scorpios are much more conservative and much more restrained in their erotic manifestations than women of this zodiac sign: women want everything and much.

As for adultery, a woman has a much higher risk of falling in love with a person with whom she has an affair than men with this zodiac sign.

And if a husband changes, then women – Scorpios 2 times more often require a divorce than men from this zodiac sign.

Most often, my clients order predictions of compatibility in pairs: love and marriage continue to worry people the most, and they turn to astrologers to clarify controversial issues in their personal lives, not less often than psychologists. But astrologers are scolded as often as psychologists, apparently, because astrological forecasts in the media often do not coincide with what happens to people in life.

For example, it’s stated everywhere that men – Cancers are attentive husbands, as no one stands guard over the family and if you want “once and for life”, then it’s better not to find Cancer. However, in modern reality, Cancer tops the list of men prone to adultery, divorced, and again going to the registrar office: almost half of them marry more than once. I will tell you more: a fair amount of Cancers 5 (!) And more times go down the aisle. Or a woman – Leo: they write that she is the last of the signs that seeks to create a family, that the Lionesses need constant attention and compliments of many men, that they strive for luxury and popularity … But, according to my long-term experience, Lionesses are the most hardworking in the field of marriage, wives: they try to save their family more than others, often marry only once, and very rarely give birth to lovers.

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