Aries : Passionate! He needs to turn everything into a discussion and at the same time it may make you feel a little silly. Even if not handsome in appearance, he is so attractive that it is even strange. WILL BE to fight for your friends ALWAYS. There are serious problems in the family. So much energy, that even scary sometimes. Perverts in bed (generally another level of sexuality). Trouble with anger.

Taurus: Literally ALWAYS asleep, eternally hungry. “Just take a nap” lasts 10 hours. Beautiful Party girl divine … Taurus women are often incredibly powerful. Very cute with everyone, but secretly gossiping / messing behind the backs of people. But if he is your friend, then at all times.

Gemini: Very strange and prone to confrontation. QUEEN DRAMA. Can not keep secrets. Too much sleep or would like … Bookworm and film naughty. He is friends with everyone, even with those he hates. Very annoying at times, BUT very funny. Maybe run over you. Damn energetic and terribly loud.

Cancer: Either the worst, or the best of the people you’ve ever met. Family oriented. Often a good cook. Sweetie, sweater He likes walking. A little weird, but very funny. Uncertain. Amazing laughter and often beautiful eyes.

Leo: The funniest sign. SO HOT. Beautiful hair. Asshole Often rude to all who are not in his near circle. Restless. Party-goer Likes dancing. Very dark humor. Pervert. He likes to pursue and quickly gets tired when he finally gets what he wants. Its hard to understand. You love him even if he treats you badly. This is the type of people you want to like.

Virgo: Terribly tense always. Artistic. Selfish, but also very selfless – this is strange. Very passionate. Attractive. Petty (!). Frightening. He likes to help others, but can hardly help himself. Often behaves like a strange moron. Nerdy, but sometimes not a child tupit. Periodically crying whiner. Behind closed doors, he loves being nursed with him, but in other cases he is all so independent.

Libra: It’s hard to understand. Fire and water will pass with you. Funny. A bit sneaky. Some of them are DAMN annoying, and some are nyashki. Rude and dirty humor. May be prone to drunkenness. You either love him or hate him. Closed. It seems that he has everything under control, but it only seems.

Scorpio: QUEEN DRAMA. Selfish. Nice laugh. Happy. Often makes bad decisions. Cutie. Makes good cakes, if at all. Many tusit. Do not hide your personal life. Very strange. Very sensitive. Loves to be responsible for anything. HOT. Not very good in relationships.

Sagittarius: WILD. EXACTLY go to the party. Often weird, but usually it’s fun. Very cute, sloppy and clumsy. The cutie who wants the best for you. Awkward. One way or another knows everyone. Loves his friends very much. A LOT OF ORET The strangest laugh.

Capricorn: Known as a boring sign, but in fact it is very interesting people. Family and work oriented. Often so immersed in work / study / hobbies that they forget about their friends. In its own fun, energetic. They like to spend time with family, with close people. Good flirt, but afraid of relationships. Delightful friends.

Aquarius: Funny. Music lover. Charming and attractive. He is still a pervert. If necessary, he can kick ass to anyone (oddly enough – these are very cool people, not always, but often). Loves horror movies. Foolish humor. Very unpredictable. The one you want to please. This man is just some kind of tin at parties, honestly, how is he still alive? Can pee absolutely everywhere.

Pisces: Politician. A little awkward, but funny. Cutie. Sometimes so cute that it annoys. Very active. Very sporty. Usually – a difficult childhood. Often – good hair. Cool friend. Often they do not go the way they want. All the Fish I know are either hanging out on the street or doing something active on profile pictures in social networks.


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