There are different reasons to train from home. One of these reasons may be the lack of time to go to the gym. Whatever the reason you want to exercise at home, what do you need? What is the equipment that is needed to perform training routines from home? Today we answer these questions …

Guide to exercise at home

Next we are going to review some of the important points to take into account when we start exercising from home.

Learn to do the exercises correctly

First of all, the first thing you need to train at home is, apart from motivation, to have knowledge of the exercises that are going to be done. Know what are the correct techniques to perform the exercises of the routines.

Therefore, before beginning to perform the exercises, it is important to learn the exercises. For this you can attend the gym for a while so that a properly qualified instructor will teach you the correct technique. You can also hire a personal trainer. The personal trainer option is the best. If you can afford it, I encourage you.

Choose the activity

Before buying material, it is important to consider what we want to do. At home you can perform different types of exercise, you may prefer to do cardio, so you might need from a static bike or an elliptical, to other simpler things like a step or simply place to move. If you are going to do strength training, it would be nice to buy some material like dumbbells or a kettle bell. For body-mind activities such as yoga or Pilates, accessories such as a mat or elastic bands in the case of Pilates, are essential.


What clothes to choose to train at home?

That we go to train at home does not mean that we do not need adequate clothes for it. Sportswear is more comfortable and breathable than clothes to be at home or street clothes. There are websites where you can buy cheap sports clothes for home .

Riding a small gym at home

The gym machines are above the small materials. Having a large house, with enough space or free rooms, and wanting to exercise at home, you can get to build a mini gym to train, a luxury.

Nowadays it is very easy to get gym machines for home . You can choose between different types, such as elliptical, treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines, among others.

Basic material for exercising in class

Still having gym machines at home, there are some small fitness materials that are a must. The mat is one of the must , basic material that every fan of the sport must have at home, since we will always need it to stretch, even if we have machines.

Other materials that we could have at home, that do not occupy too much space and that can give us play for many exercises, are:

  1. Elastic bands of different resistances.
  2. Abdominal wheel
  3. Fit ball
  4. Weights like dumbbells or kettle bell.

These small accessories are the perfect complement to any home gym or for anyone who decides to perform their training routines at home, whether or not they have machines.

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