Aries Woman

When Aries appears, everyone understands that they face a strong and independent woman, sometimes even harsh, angry, tough and aggressive. In fact, under this mask there is an abandoned child, about whom loved ones had once forgotten: this is how Aries disguises its secret experiences and problems.

Taurus woman

In appearance, the Taurus woman is sweet, calm and balanced. However, it is only a mask. In fact, inside her, real passions are raging, which she herself fears and carefully disguises. Taurus never spills emotions out. It is easier for her to wait until the storm sits by itself. Such flashes frighten her.

Female twins

For Twins entrenched image of a cheerful, easy and carefree young lady. As you understand, this is just an appearance. The twins are actually quite nervous and restless. They have a lot of problems that they do not share with anyone.

Cancer Woman

As you know, a Cancer woman is an eternal mother. She cares about everyone, loves everyone, worries about everyone sincerely. Well, mother Teresa, not otherwise. In fact, Cancer does it with cold calculation. She is cunning enough and never does anything that would not benefit her. You have to be very careful with her.

Female lion

The image of the Lioness is a proud, independent, royal person. She always walks with her head held high and throws arrogant glances at everyone. As you already understood, this is just a mask. In the depths of his soul, the Lioness is a soft and gentle creature. It is necessary to caress it like a kitty, to fall asleep with compliments, and then you will be happy.

Virgo woman

Virgo builds himself the right lady. Allegedly, she is honest and straightforward, she does not need someone else’s, etc. But if she laid eyes on a man, then believe me, she will achieve her own. It does not matter that this man is busy, and his passion is a girlfriend of the Virgin! Here is such deceit, because of which it is necessary to fear the Virgin. Otherwise, the eye does not have time to blink, and she has already dismissed her tenacious little hands!

Woman Scales

Scales create the impression of self-confident women who have order and balance everywhere. In fact, it is only a mask. Scales are quite sloppy. The mess they often explain the creative chaos. In addition, Libra does not know how to independently solve their problems. Often looking for someone who will decide them for them.

Scorpion woman

Scorpio we used to see strict, strong, strong-willed. In reality, it is a fluffy hare, which is devoted to one partner all his life. Men who managed to win this darling, you can sincerely congratulate. They are very lucky!

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius creates the appearance that she is an independent and proud woman who is well versed in any everyday issues. But this is again the image. This is just a dream of Sagittarius to be like that. Deep down she is a tearful and vulnerable young lady who likes to complain about her fate.

Capricorn Woman

It looks calm, but in fact a very wayward and stubborn young lady. She is often dissatisfied with many, and in order to please the Capricorn you have to try very hard, and even then she is unlikely to appreciate it. The flighty nature very often prevents Capricorns in life, but they are not in a hurry to get rid of it.

Aquarius woman

Aquarius ensures that it is perceived as a windy, near, eccentric person. Inside it is a high-class psychoanalyst who sees right through a person. Aquarius has a well-developed flair, so it’s better not to deceive and not to wriggle. She will know everything anyway and you will regret it. True, it will be too late.

Woman Fish

It seems that Rybka does nothing but slaps her eyes and waits for the handsome prince to save her from all life’s troubles. Yes, she is waiting for the prince and does not hide it, but she does it solely for mercantile purposes. (with)


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