Aries: you need to learn to rest. Karma itself will do its job, do not try to help her all the time and be God’s scourge 🙂

Taurus : you need to learn to listen and accept. It is normal to love yourself, it’s just as normal that there are bad people bringing discomfort to others, but you cannot answer for them or try to change them.

Gemini : you need to learn not to talk about the people behind their backs. If you do not like something in someone – do not be afraid to offend a person, tell him about it directly, but gently.

Cancer : you need to learn to think about the emotions of others. Your emotions are important, but to push people away simply because you don’t need to be sad – because it will make them sad too.

Leo : you need to learn not to think about appearance and generally about the external, as the most important thing. Yes, at the first moment people are especially attracted by the shell, but it often happens that the perfect appearance does not help, because the reputation can scare away.

Virgo : you need to learn to understand the significance of your physical condition and your emotions. If you are tired – rest. If you are sad – cry. If you are angry – angry.

Libra : you need to learn to think about what is more significant for you. The opinion of people is important, but the decision is in your hands, and this is for you, and not for people with the consequences of your decision, then to live.

Scorpio : you need to learn to forget. Bad memories tire you, exhaust you mentally and physically, you stop being happy with life, and you deserve to be happy.

Sagittarius : you need to learn to stay in one place for a change. You can get interesting and useful impressions and information always and everywhere, right here and now – as well.

Capricorn : you need to learn to trust. For example, people can work as efficiently as you. Give them time to show it.

Aquarius : you need to stop underestimating people. Everyone is good at something, take a look, do not rush, give people a chance.

Pisces : you need to learn not to make a victim of yourself and not let others do it. You are not always wrong, and some people are just bastards.


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