Which activity is best to lose weight? Which activity is best to tone the whole body? What is the best activity to gain muscle? Today we have created a small quick guide that will help you choose, (whether you’re going to sign up for the gym, or if you’re going to exercise at home), which activity is best according to your goals.

Which activity is the best according to your objectives

Before starting, I will give you a brief summary of which activity is better according to the objectives you have. I also want to tell you that this list is indicative, there are a lot of sports that can be done, both indoor and outdoor, to meet the same objectives.

Here is the summary of which sport activity is the best according to your goals , in case you do not feel like reading …

  • The best activity to lose weight : cardiovascular activity: elliptical, running, step, aerobics, Zumba, spinning, HIIT …
  • To gain muscle the best activity is: weight room, classes with weights, like Body Pump …
  • The best activity to have a flat stomach : Pilates, abdominal classes, hypopressives …
  • Which activity is better to gain flexibility : Yoga, Pilates, stretching …
  • The best activity if you have injuries : Pilates machines, therapeutic Pilates …

Which activity is best to lose weight

If you want to lose weight, the best activities you can choose are cardio or HIIT classes . Classes like Aerobics, Step , Spinning, Grit, Hiit …

HIIT is a type of training. ¿ What is HITT ? High Intensity Interval Training, or high intensity interval training . The way to train by intervals guarantees a great calorie burn. HIIT is the best exercise to lose weight .

Some gyms organize groups to go running. The running is an excellent exercise that brings many benefits . If you do not feel like running alone, these organized groups can be your option, in addition, serve to meet people.

If you want to lose weight, do not lose sight of the following formula:

Slimming = cardio + toning + healthy eating

We leave some interesting links that you can read on the subject of weight loss: how to accelerate the metabolism to lose weight , how to lose weight without rebound effect , or these anti cellulite tricks .

Which activity is the best to gain muscle

If your goal is to gain muscle, it is clear that your site is the weight room , that is, the weights . A good professional will teach you how each machine works and will elaborate a personalized and special table of exercises for you, according to your objectives.

If you prefer a directed class, Body Pump classes may be your option. In this type of class you work with weights, and it’s more fun than training in the weight room. The disadvantage is that you have to adapt to a schedule, you can go to the weight room at almost any time.

I want to have my abdomen flat, what activity is the best?

If your goal is to eliminate abdominal fat , remove “the tablet”, lose the belly … etc. The classes that focus on that area are ideal for you. Maybe it would be good to combine abdominal exercises with a little cardio , so some kind of aerobics, spinning, or a little elliptical will come in handy.

Many gyms include some abs in their class schedules. In these classes they focus on abdominal exercises and usually last about 30 or 45 minutes. They are perfect to combine with other things. Pilates classes also work the abdomen in a very deep way, by activating the transverse abdominal muscle.

Here are some abdominal exercises you can do at home :

To have a much flatter abdomen, yours are hypopressive abdominal exercise classes, or hypopressive , to dry. In these classes, special exercises are carried out for this area. If you want to know a little more about hypopressives, visit this post .

I want to take this opportunity to tell you that on our website we have some calendars, plans and challenges of abdominal exercises, some of the latest are the 30-day calendar with a minute of ironing , the calendar of the 100 abdominals a day , or this routine for doing crunches home .

The best activity to gain flexibility

If your goal is to stretch, have a flexible body, gain or recover lost flexibility, classes such as Yoga, Stretching or Pilates will be ideal for you.

If you do not know what activity to choose between Yoga or Pilates, you are in luck. Some time ago we created an entire article where we show you the differences between the two and we help you choose between Pilates or Yoga .

I’m not constant, I want a fun activity

Sometimes we face the small problem that we do not like the gym, it bores us, we have tried to sign up several times but at the end we go two days and we leave it … If this is your case, you have to find an activity that motivates you. Many of the people that this happens, find in Zumba classes that “funny point” that makes you “hook” to the class, you want to go, and you’re looking forward to the time to go to the gym.


Each person is different and sometimes takes some time, and to try different classes, until you find the ideal activity for you.

I have injuries, what activity is going well?

If you have an injury in recovery or have any pathology or physical problem, but want to be in shape, or even recover from your injuries, Pilates therapeutic classes may be your best option. Joseph Pilates created his method for the recovery of injuries.

This type of more specific classes are not usually taught in gyms. Depending on the degree of your injury, you should look for a Pilates center with specialists in this field, Pilates classes with machines , or physiotherapy centers where they teach Pilates therapeutic classes.

Always consult your physiotherapist or your doctor before performing activities if you have any type of injury or pathology.

And you, do you already know what activity is better ?

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