Look: some of us are already up and running. They do it regularly and sometimes even participate in competitions and marathons. Then you have another group: the beginners. Deep down, this group would like to start running, but they have no idea where to start. Even though you sometimes look like bambi on slippery ice, don’t worry, we help you and have five handy tips tips for starting runners.

It is always exciting to try something new and to face new challenges, but that is what makes it so much fun. You don’t know it yet and you don’t know where to start. Take on the challenge and put on your running shoes. Remember, you can’t run the first lap like a marathon runner from Kenya, but build it up quietly.


1. Choose a realistic goal

The first step you have to take (figuratively) is to set a realistic goal. You will get nowhere without a realistic goal. You can’t be good at it all at once. Running needs time and practice makes perfect. Don’t make it too difficult for yourself and give yourself time. From now on it makes no sense to run every day, you also need rest days and you have to grant yourself that and that is only possible through a realistic goal. Progress is the key. 


2. Build it up slowly

Nobody can sustain many kilometers the first time, that is impossible (unless you are Usian Bolt). Everyone has to start somewhere. Even the fastest and best runners have started at the bottom of the ladder. The key is: building. Start running and running for a few kilometers and build it up slowly. If you set your goal too high right away, you will only disappoint yourself if you do not achieve this. “I’m just not a runner”, yes, you just have to slow it down and stay realistic. Don’t be immediately disappointed if you don’t see results after a few days, it needs its time and it doesn’t happen in one go. Only in this way will you keep it up for longer and you will eventually come closer to your goal.


3. Use music

A music in your ears while running makes running a lot more tolerant. The first few times you will feel some muscle pain here and there, but if you put a nice beat on it, it will be a lot easier. Music is incredibly motivating. In addition, it ensures a regular rhythm. Choose a song with a good beat and you run everyone out.


4. Switch regularly between running and walking

We are not professional running coaches, but the golden tip if you want to start running is that you have to alternate between running and walking. Focus on your feet, rather than the kilometers. It is important that you also take some breaks to walk in between running. Stopovers are very important for beginners. First try to keep a certain schedule for a few weeks that alternates between running and walking. As soon as you can keep it up flawlessly, you can start changing your schedule slowly. It takes time. 


5. Take a running buddy 

It is not difficult to find a running buddy these days. You only have to look outside and you will already find one. Running with someone else is a lot more fun than on your own. Make sure you run with someone who motivates you and is on the same level as you, because it is not nice if someone always runs ahead of you. Whether it’s a good friend of yours or someone you’ve met in the gym, it makes running a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Believe us, we know all too well that running can sometimes be a challenge. Be patient, and who knows we might see you running at the New York marathon.

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