strength training

I was always a very athletic person. I’d rather be lazy than tired, but that really changed completely when I discovered strength training. Now I really enjoy working out, and challenging myself to keep getting better. I enjoy sports several times a week and I have to drag myself a lot less to the gym. Not only do you become stronger physically, especially mentally! But why do I find it so effective and fun? I give you 5 reasons!

  1. No perfect hand-eye coordination required

I used to dislike sports a lot, because I just have a sadly poor hand-eye coordination. I was therefore not good at any ball sport, always a drama at the gym. But when I discovered strength training a few years ago, I found that it was going a lot better! Of course you need a little coordination to be able to perform exercises with the right technique (working on it). But it is very different from catching or throwing balls, which then always go wrong.

  1. Competition with yourself, you go next level

Instead of team sports or real competition sports, you compete with yourself in strength training. So the result you get depends entirely on your own performance, not on someone else’s. Sometimes that is difficult if you have a less good day, but if you can suddenly do much more than before, then you have done it all by yourself!

  1. You feel your badass, literally and figuratively stronger!

Certainly also a very important point of strength training, in my opinion, because cardio for example gives this feeling much less. Strength training gives you muscle and strength, which makes you very badass . If your roommate / family member / friend / girlfriend does not get a pot open, you can count on it. And if you have to carry, you can. No more men needed!

  1. Lots of variety in training, full body workout

Of course you can do the same exercises with the same number of repetitions every time you go, but 1. that is rather boring and 2. that hinders your progression. And there is so much more! You have a lot of muscles in your body, and there are a lot of exercises for every muscle group. Then you can also choose between large (compound) exercises and smaller (isolation) exercises, and whether you want a lot of repetitions and therefore a lot of weight. In addition, you can also add variation by training partly with weights and partly with your own body weight. A lot of options!

  1. Your body is beautiful geshaped of

Apart from the fact that it is fun to do, the result that you get from strength training is also completely worth it. As a woman you do not become bulky or masculine (you will really have to do a little more than just a little strength training), but you will get a very nicely shaped body. Tight legs, nice round buttocks, tight arms and a flat stomach. And having more muscle mass is also very beneficial for your burning, because muscles use more energy than fat.

Never tried strength training? I really recommend giving it a try! And if you think it’s a step too far to stand in the powerhouse on your own, go with a sports buddy or follow a bodypump lesson. And when your badass feeling starts to rise, then it’s time for the powerhouse!

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