Everyone probably paid attention to the fact that most of the stars of show business just still do not part with sunglasses. And it’s not only that this fashion accessory allows you to hide your face. The fact is that sunglasses are an excellent means of preventing wrinkles around the eyes. In addition, properly selected glasses protect the retina from UV exposure. What you need to know. To choose the right sunglasses.

1. The statement that glasses with plastic lenses are worse is a myth.

Today, most manufacturers use plastic and for good reason. First, they are easier. Secondly, more practical. In addition, plastic lenses often provide a higher level of UV protection, since some UV filters are quite difficult to apply on glass. Another myth is the assertion that all glass glasses do not transmit ultraviolet radiation. When choosing glasses it is necessary to remember that the degree of protection is determined not so much by the material of the lenses as the UV filters applied to the lenses.

2. It is necessary to require a passport from the seller.

This is necessary to do just to make sure the quality of UV filters. In the passport must be specified such characteristics as the wavelength and the percentage of radiation that is blocked. Good glasses should hold UV waves up to 400 nm. It should be understood that the degree of darkness or the color of the lenses does not affect the percentage of delayed radiation. For example, the European standard of 95% can be found both on fully transparent glasses and on highly darkened ones.

3. Do not save on glasses

Buying sunglasses you need to understand that you are buying not so much a fashion accessory as a tool that will provide your eyes with UV protection. So saving on glasses is saving on your health.

4. Choose the right color

Eyes are most comfortable with glasses whose lenses are made in neutral colors: gray, gray-green or gray-brown. Such bright colors as orange, yellow or pink for the eyes are not very suitable. Doctors do not recommend wearing fashionable glasses with lenses of such colors for a long time, as they tire the eyes and over-excite the retina, which leads to optical stress. At the same time, the lenses of greenish shades, on the contrary, act on the retina soothingly.

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