You work 12 hours a day, sometimes more, and sometimes even without days off, but you don’t notice any special results. Money from the family budget still flows faster than you manage to earn it.If you are married, then there is nothing surprising in this. Most likely, your wife is a spender, unless of course you are not a fan of playing cards or do not keep several families on the side. We are talking about a tranzhyrstvo, which occurs involuntarily, and not the one that is the result of a fine calculation to dissolve you for money.

According to psychologists, tranquility is a mental disorder, which is the opposite of conjugation. But if we are accustomed to treat the miser, then we often treat the squandering, especially the female squandering, with some irony, they say, the weaker sex, what to do. In the human classification of vices, greed is considered a more serious sin than waste. However, in practice, the consequences of greed and extravagance lead to equally grave consequences.

With confidence we can say that tranzhirstvo basically contains the desire for standardization. The desire to lead a certain lifestyle, to follow certain fashion trends, to buy certain things. The situation is aggravated by a huge amount of advertising, which stubbornly imposes a certain pattern of behavior on people.

Naturally, the spends were always and in all modes. However, in today’s society, waste has become a widespread problem. By itself, spending money from some people has already lost its main function – to provide a person with the necessary things. Today, spending money becomes a kind of fetish, an end in itself.

There are several ways to fight female squandering. The main thing is to remember that bans you will not achieve anything. Moreover, a marriage built on bans and harboring will not end in anything good. Talking about what is wrong, immoral, harmful, you also do not solve the problem. Your wife simply will not hear you and will remain unconvinced.

You need to understand that for such a person money is just paper, but the fact that for it you can buy is already valuable. Rather, your wife does not have a normal idea of money. This is especially the case if a woman has never worked before. Need to change her idea of money. It is enough to arrange a wife for some work, and she will quickly reconsider her attitude towards money. Even if this work will bring a penny.

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