All corsets can be divided into two types. In one case, we are dealing with, in essence, a soothing underwear.The main, and often the only, function of such a corset is to create the desired silhouette. Such corsets as erotic lingerie can be worn under any clothing, although the greatest effect can be achieved if you wear it under clothing with a fitted silhouette. Such corsets are made without seams or they are invisible, so that you can wear them even under the most fitting outfits. The main advantages of slimming corsets are that they support the back and form a correct and beautiful posture, make the waist narrower and generally make the proportions of the figure more feminine.

The second type of corsets, besides the fact that they pull down the figure, are clothes themselves. They are well combined with skirts and even jeans. Often, these corsets are part of the evening gowns.

Regarding the corsets there is a strong opinion that they are harmful to health. Such curing is completely true in the case of strongly slackening corsets, which pinch and displace internal organs, reducing the volume of the waist by ten centimeters. For the most part, these corsets are in the past. If you “tightened” tighter to get into your favorite dress that no longer suits you in size, then you need to understand that you will not last more than a few hours. Is it worth this feat you decide.

Modern corsets have a different degree of fit: from a small body shaping to reducing the waist by 10 or more centimeters. When choosing a corset for yourself, you should make sure that it does not constrain your movements and does not obstruct breathing. It is also necessary to fit the corset exactly to your size, otherwise what you “pulled” at the waist will be gathered with rollers on the back. There are corsets that evenly tighten over the entire length, here you also need to adjust the size to fit your chest. with breath. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to how the corset is made from the front and the seamy side. All seams should be well executed and nothing should disturb you.

Despite the fact that the corset goes well with other clothes, wearing it is not always the best idea. However, in those days when you need to be confident in their beauty, the corset will definitely help in achieving the desired effect.

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