Wristwatches have become something more than just a device for determining time. For someone, a watch is a purely status thing, for someone a fashion accessory, and for someone both the first and second right away.In this case, prices have a huge range, sometimes it seems that some eminent manufacturers price tags tend to infinity. If you have problems choosing a watch, then the following tips are for you.

1. If you want some watches of a certain brand, but you cannot afford them yet, then you should not buy watches from another manufacturer just to buy at least some watches. It is better to dig up and realize your dream.
2. Buy watches that you can afford.
3. Whatever watch you buy, there will always be someone who will criticize them. Buy watches exclusively for yourself.
4. Reliable mechanism is certainly very important, but you should not buy watches that you don’t really like just because of the mechanism.
5. Do not buy watches only because of the prestige of nonsense. First of all, you should like the design of watches.
6. Do not imitate celebrities by choosing a watch. Firstly, they may simply not suit you in style, and secondly, they will not make you look like this or that star.
7. Today is a big watch is fashion. However, you need to understand that on a small wrist, they will look unconvincing, if not absurd.
8. Expensive watches better insure.
9. Long preparations for the purchase and choice of flour is nice, but after the purchase you can cool off by the clock or even give up on them. Do not worry about it normally. After all, the process of achieving the goal, as a rule, is more pleasant than the goal itself.
10. If the watch is broken, then fix it, they are not crystal. And if you do not like them and you are not happy with your communion, then it is better to sell them. Or donate.
11. Today in the world of watches, accuracy has become a rather relative concept. Indeed, who will put accuracy at the forefront, choosing between clocks, if the difference is exactly between them, for example, half a second per day?
12. Remember that watches require regular maintenance.
13. There are no such people who would have a need for expensive watches. They may be desired, but if you ask yourself if you need them, the only sincere answer is no.
14. Do not think that buying a watch is an investment. In most cases, this is not the case.

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