Well, what girl does not dream of a fur coat? Probably the only way in which she already has. Or have an activist Greenpeace. This article is not for the first and not for the second, it is for those who want to choose a fur coat, but is afraid to make a mistake. In this article we will answer the most common questions that arise for any girl when choosing a fur coat.

1. Whose fur is warmer?
Experts say that the fur is warmer, whose fur is thicker and denser. Among the fur-bearing animals such fox can boast foxes, silver foxes and foxes.

2. Who produces the best furs?
Furs of the highest quality are produced where it was historically necessary, that is, in northern countries. Nature has not yet been able to hold, only the animal that has grown in a cold climate will have thick fur. So you should pay attention to products from Russia, Canada, USA and Finland.

3. Is it possible to feel a fake?
Unfortunately, if you are not an expert, you cannot be 100% sure of the origin of the pelt. Today’s technologies make it possible to make mink fur from rabbit fur, and you will not notice the difference. The most reliable way is to invite a fur expert.

4. How to identify low-quality fur?
A low-quality fur coat has a number of features: rough to the touch leather fabric, dried out and brittle hair, uneven coloring (if this is certainly not the designer’s intention).

5. How is dyed fur worse than natural fur?
Technologically – nothing. Used today dyes do not change the quality of fur. But! With the help of dyeing, many manufacturers try to hide the defects of the fur or give out cheaper fur for more expensive fur.

6. Short or long nap?
Better – long. Unstressed pile is more durable. In addition, haircut fur is another favorite way of manufacturers, which allows you to hide the defect of fur.

7. What is the difference between a patchwork fur coat and a whole-skin coat?
Fur of flaps is, in fact, a fur coat of waste. It will always be cheaper and will always serve less than a fur coat sewn from solid skins.

8. Where less likely to buy low-quality fur coat?
It is best to purchase a fur coat in stores at fur factories. There, fur coats are produced in small batches and the probability that you buy low-quality fur is minimal. In addition, there is an opportunity to customize a fur coat for yourself.

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