Can you become slimmer without sports and diets? It is unlikely, however, you can look slimmer and without exhausting classes. All you need is to choose the right wardrobe and you will become slimmer by 1-2 sizes.

1. Proper focus

All efforts should be focused on strengths – face, chest, waist, etc. The face can be emphasized with a neat make-up, the waist – a belt or a fitted silhouette, and the chest – the neckline of the desired shape.

2. We extend legs

Skin-bodied boats in heels with a sharp, moderately long nose can work wonders. They visually increase the length of the leg, even if the heel is moderately long in 5-7 cm. The main thing is not to choose models with very thin heels.

Another way to lengthen the legs is to choose matte opaque tights of the same color with shoes. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to dwell only on black.

3. Wide trousers

Fashion for flared and wide pants came back very useful, because they fit perfectly on girls with curvaceous shapes. The main thing here is to choose a model from flowing fabric and wear shoes with heels.

4. Midi skirts

Season spring-summer 2015 is pleased that the midi skirts are in trend again. These skirts are one of the best ways to look slimmer with clothes. A fluffy skirt will give the figure an hourglass silhouette if your waist is not very pronounced, and it will “mask” the hips, if you are a pear-type figure. Again, do not forget about shoes with heels, otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved.

5. Simple silhouette

Depending on which problem areas you intend to hide, you should choose one of the silhouette options: straight A-silhouette and hourglass. In this case, both options should be extremely concise without unnecessary lines and details. The A-silhouette is more suitable for girls with long legs, and the fitted version is for those with a pronounced waist and medium-length legs. High-slit pants and skirts emphasize the waist, lengthening the legs.

6. Decollete

If you can boast a beautiful breasts, then you should adopt a cleavage. A moderate V-neckline will stretch the silhouette, make your neck longer and draw attention to the waist. Girls with a figure like “pear” should take note that the V-shaped silhouette visually makes the shoulders wider.

7. Vertical inserts

Clothing that has contrasting vertical inserts can make you slimmer by 1-2 sizes. Vertical bars have the same effect.


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