Clothing of the same color is quite condemned to be considered dull and inconspicuous, although of course there are exceptions.Quite different is the case when the clothes combine different colors. Stylists recommend not to use more than three colors.

One color will be predominant, the second shade it, well, the task of the third is to mark accents where it is required. It should be remembered that not all colors are well combined with each other. Moreover, there are certain rules for using different colors in clothes:

• A maximum of four different colors can be combined. The monotonous image looks sad and incomplete, and too motley causes irritation.
• Achromatic colors are versatile. Black, white and gray are great for playing base colors. At the same time black color is best combined with basic colors.
• Colors should be combined in different proportions. One color is basic, and the rest in different proportions emphasize it.
• Pastel shades of any color combine well with each other. Therefore, we boldly experiment with pastel shades of pink, blue, lemon and beige.
In addition to these simple rules, there are several approaches to choosing colors. To make it clearer it is worth using the color palette.

1. Monochromatic combination. The essence of this approach is that you use the same color, but in different variations, from light to dark. With this approach, the compatibility of colors and their interrelation is very important. For example, blue is very closely related to both purple and blue. Using only different shades of the main color, you can achieve very interesting combinations.

2. Achromatic combination. In this case, black, gray or white are already used, and bright colors act as accents. The most interesting thing about this approach is that the achromatic colors look great with any other color.

3. Complimentary combination. This approach is chosen by creative and courageous people, because not everyone will risk using “unreadable”, contrasting colors. The most commonly used color pairs are orange / blue, purple / yellow, and red / green. Bold combinations? Definitely! Moreover, the use of red and green is considered by many to be unacceptable. However, practice shows that properly selected shades of these colors can still look good together.


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