The modern world is full of temptations and today the question “How to remain faithful?” Is no longer idle. There are three recommendations that will help you remain loyal to your beloved and avoid temptations.

1. A truly close relationship.

The way in words is quite simple: you need to be in soul and body in the relationship that you have, and dissolve in your loved one. But everything is not so simple. Often this advice is taken so literally that they fill in all the free space in a man’s life. Such girls follow their loved ones everywhere and are ready to sacrifice their interests in order for a man not to be left alone with other women, who, naturally, are considered as rivals. Such behavior naturally leads to the fact that you become too much in the life of a man. So it is definitely necessary to build close relationships in those moments when you “dissolve” in each other together, but in no case do not forget that everyone needs his personal space.

2. You need to save love, not loyalty.

Determine for yourself what loyalty means to you – the absence of betrayal or mutual feelings of your partner. What is the price of loyalty, if your husband does not change you only for the reason that he is simply too lazy to look for a mistress, and even spend money on her. Or he does not change, because he does not want fundamental changes.

On the other hand, should you be loyal if you live out of habit with your husband? You need to save love, without it loyalty is worth nothing.

3. You need to understand why you need to maintain loyalty.

Ask yourself the question: “what gives me loyalty?”. If this is an object of pride, another achievement of yours, then this is one thing. However, in this case, such loyalty is only an appearance for others. If betrayal really hurts you and destroys your relationship, then for the sake of their preservation it is really necessary to maintain loyalty.

In our free (including in terms of relationships) age, loyalty, of course, remains in demand. There are so many lies and betrayals around that every person wants to have someone to trust completely. Love is exactly that kind of trust. And before you ask the question of preserving loyalty, you must create it. We need to create a relationship that would exclude treason. And this is the most difficult.


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