Do not believe those who say that love lives for three years. She lives longer, but for this it is necessary that both partners work on this.It is only in romantic films that the main characters live together happily ever after. In real life, an ideal relationship is something that requires constant work. Psychologists and sexologists give some tips that will improve the quality of life together.

1. It is necessary to be genuinely interested in each other.

Interested in well-being, desires, needs. Listen and hear each other. And it is important not only in the bedroom. In the bedroom, in turn, interfering with frank conversations is usually a barrier of embarrassment. In this case, you will have to overcome yourself, because if you share your body with your loved one, then why not share your thoughts. Especially since this will only benefit your relationship. If you speak on sensitive topics directly, it still does not work, then you should start with the correspondence, for example, using SMS. So you can share your erotic fantasies without too much embarrassment, and later talk it over in the bedroom.

2. Some changes are definitely for the better.

Often, relationship problems between spouses begin when family life becomes a chore. How to prevent this? Vivid joint impressions will be able to help: traveling, cultural events, romantic dinners for no reason, etc. At the same time, in pursuit of joint impressions, one should remember that everyone should have the right to personal space. Add new experiences can and role-playing games in the bedroom.

3. It is necessary to monitor their appearance and state of health.

Neatness and accuracy are equally important for both women and men. Is it any wonder that a man does not show attention to his wife, if she goes around the house it is not clear in what and with an incomprehensible hairstyle. At the same time, it must be remembered that attractiveness begins with health, therefore it is necessary to take seriously all ailments.

4. Personal must remain personal

Any couple in the bedroom has curiosities and missteps, but all these stories should not go beyond the bedroom. Discussing pastel successes with friends and colleagues is also not worth it. Intimate life should exist as such. A tale that seems funny to you may well play a cruel joke with you or your partner.


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