When a man and a woman are just beginning to meet, they are sure that all the troubles will bypass their side. However, time passes and some kind of discord begins in their relationship.How to understand when to part, and when you can try to revive feelings?
There are a number of signs that indicate that it is time to leave, and start all over again.

1. Boredom. Even when you are next to each other, you are still lonely. You have nothing to talk about with him, nothing to discuss, and even general actions have no effect. You even prefer to go on vacation in a big company, as it will either be boring with your husband or there will be constant scandals.

2. Different interests. You sometimes have the impression that you are completely different people who live in different worlds. He does not understand your interests and hobbies, and you do. You spend little time together, and do not particularly strive for this. You even catch yourself thinking that you are better off alone than near your husband. You prefer not to go to parties together.

3. Indifference. Without a friend, you don’t really miss and don’t worry about your husband’s affairs. Whatever happens to your husband, this does not cause you special emotions, and when he starts telling you something, it may even cause you irritation.

4. Minimum communication. Actually all your communication is reduced to the discussion of household and business problems. “Chat” and “miss” is not about you. At home, you do not discuss how the day went and do not share your impressions. Most likely, you simply disperse to different rooms. At the same time, you do not feel the need to communicate, because you prefer to exchange all the news with friends.

5. Physical contact between you is minimized. If the husband wants to kiss you or hug you, then you usually withdraw from him. If the feelings between you have long been extinguished, then, most likely, you are no longer walking holding hands and hugging when you meet. Sexual relationships have become rare and do not bring much pleasure to anyone.

6. No one wants to develop relationships. Everyone plans their own leisure separately and no “We” have been around for a long time. In this case, your life plans probably do not match. You want a child, for example, and your husband is not. Or vice versa. And such discrepancies can be quite a lot.

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