How to choose slippers? For someone such a question will cause a smile. The choice of such shoes today is huge, it happens in the form of ballet shoes, with an open nose and closed, with a heel, it also happens.How can there be a problem with a choice if there is such a variety? And then, it’s slippers, not evening shoes, what is there to choose. This is exactly what has been done erroneously, many argue in our country, because home shoes should be chosen no less carefully than the shoes in which we walk down the street.

Orthopedists strongly recommend choosing slippers that fix the leg and sit tight on it. Good slippers must be with an instep, which is especially useful for those who suffer from flatfoot (and there are many) and other problems with their feet. A heel on a shoe for a home is acceptable if its height does not exceed one or two centimeters. Also pay attention to the sole, it should be easy to bend and at the same time be dense. If it bends badly, then while walking you will experience discomfort along with characteristic slaps.

On sale today you can find many models of slippers with all sorts of applications, spikes and other elements massaging the feet. The attitude of doctors to such shoes wary. They do not recommend wearing it all the time (an hour or two a day is enough), and in the case of oncological diseases or spurs, such shoes are completely prohibited. Perhaps the only exception is the special relaxator slippers, which mimic the feeling of walking on the sand. Inside they have small balls, and outside spikes. Despite their advantage, they can be worn no more than a few hours after work.

It is also worth paying attention to the materials from which the slippers are made. Synthetics in this case is unacceptable, it does not allow the foot to breathe and causes allergic reactions. It is better to choose models from wool, cotton or bamboo fibers, such as, for example, children’s felt boots. Choosing such footwear for children it is better to stop on models with a back and a soft sole. For the little ones, it is recommended to wear shoes with an instep in order to prevent the occurrence of flat feet.

And the last thing worth mentioning is hygiene when wearing home shoes. It can not be worn by other people. In addition, it is desirable for everyone to have several pairs to wear them alternately, because once a month these shoes must be washed.

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