Every modern woman to dress in order to be attractive and like men.For many, the pursuit of fashion trends becomes a fix idea. Such women lose their sense of measure and style, which as a result leads to the opposite result – they begin to scare men away. Very often, these women cause men misunderstanding, irony and irritation. Not all fashion trends for men like. Something causes a smile, something bewilderment, but there are things that most men cause persistent rejection.

10. in tenth place unexpectedly for women, but absolutely deserved in the opinion of men, shorts are located. According to the representatives of the stronger sex, shorts are exclusively men’s clothing. I must admit that they really go to few people and most often look like cropped trousers or men’s underwear. Such clothes are perfect for home, but not for the street.

9. Dresses with an open back. Men are sure that there is nothing sexual in such clothes, besides, it also spoils the figure. They understand a lot.

8. In the eighth place are handbags, or rather those that do not correspond to the general style, as well as miniature handbags without handles, for example clutches. In their eyes, they look like leather bundles. And they get annoyed when we leave them somewhere. And you should not hang on the bags of different bears and other pendants.

7. Most of the men will say about the overalls that these are men’s working clothes and that only mechanics in the engine room of the bulk carrier naturally look in it. You should not count on the fact that you will be able to win the hearts of men, if you wear overalls. Even if it is from the latest collection.

6. On the sixth style I found myself immediately a whole style – emo. In general, everything is clear – too extravagant, too infantile.

5. Skirts, lanterns in the opinion of men is a misunderstanding, which should not be at all. They terribly disfigure the figure, and many women would agree.

4. Leggings – how many disputes have been around them and will certainly be. According to the men, walking around the city is vulgar. Not to mention the fact that few people have such an ideal figure, so that they can be safely worn.

3. Bronze sandals take gladiators, which, according to men, look too brutal.

2. In second place are more points. They really do not go to all.

1. Well, the leader of our dozens are pants Afghani. Looking at a girl in such trousers, no man can get rid of the feeling that she has gigantic diapers.


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