You start the year with great confidence. You will give yourself to the couple and the need to install harmony and well-being in the home. By mid 2019 your ideas will be clearer about your feelings. It is a good time to start the path to reach your goals. The last part of the year stands out for making decisions related to love.


2019 will be a year of progression for the Taurus. You will want to take firm steps in your relationship. You will show enough patience to wait for the right moment, but you will make decisive decisions. Those who have doubts, summer is a good time to clarify them.


The love of Gemini this year will not be unconditional. You leave aside the games of seduction and the sporadic ligues. You focus on finding the true love of your life and you will fight to achieve it. You will take sentimental matters more seriously from the autumn, especially by the arrival of someone very special to your life.


In this year you may have to pass some tests to strengthen your love. It is not going to be a path of roses, but you will emerge reinforced from your experiences. During the first part there may be more conflicts in the sentimental field. But after the summer, you gain security and confidence so that your relationship is stable and lasting.


You start the year with some tranquility. Those who have a stable partner will value what you have, although not always. As you move through 2019 you will need to get out of the routine and experience new emotions. You will want to feel butterflies in your stomach again and if you do not get it with your partner, maybe you look for other alternatives.


You will know how to resolve discrepancies with your partner, especially at the beginning of the year. What you do not leave settled, with the arrival of spring will be more complicated to solve. You will flee from   relationships without commitment and want to find someone with whom to establish a formal relationship. Your interest is focused on forming a family and having children.


The first and last quarter of the year are the most favorable for you to find a partner. Spring blood upsets you and more sporadic sexual encounters will attract you than declarations of eternal love. Summer is a time when you will want to strengthen your relationship with those who have it.


You will be more determined about love. Not only will you want to impose your criteria on your relationship, so that things go better. You will also launch decisively to achieve that love you long for. You will know how to assert yourself and you will not find difficulties to fall in love with whoever you want. 2019 will be a very favorable year for your sign in love.


You start the year with a certain reluctance to fall in love. You will value solitude more and defend your space and your individuality. But as the 2019 progresses, you will have more need to relate to others. You will love to show your best face and fall in love with your many charms. You will find a wide range of possibilities to find the love of your life.


The beginning of 2019 is characterized by some confusion. When you decide to open your heart, you can not find someone to give it to them. When you are more at ease in your singleness, you are declared several people. During the summer you can live passionate relationships that do not seem very solid. Autumn is the moment when what you seek and find really satisfies you.


Love is not what interests you the most when you start 2019. Those of you who have a partner do not feel particularly motivated. And you also do not find many motivations that are single. The arrival of spring can bring new expectations. You are interested in finding someone who becomes your accomplice. You will begin to move the threads that bring you the satisfactions you are looking for and you will do it with great mastery.


If you are single, you will premiere the year convinced that you will find it this year. Some negative experience will push you to lose your hopes. When you are most careless about love, someone will appear who will turn your world upside down. The Pisces with partner will live a year without complications. The holiday season will be the most exciting, where you will unleash all your passions.

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