Style Inspiration For Every Zodiac Sign


You may not even know it but your obsession with feminine dresses, fitted blazers or flashy studs, may be completely out of your control …

Your zodiac sign can offer some surprisingly precise answers to why you dress as you do, so we invite you to explore exactly what makes your style unique. These 12 Street Style stars perfectly represent each of the astrological signs, so we can say with certainty that we finally find your twin style.

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Your style: You are creative and cool when it comes to fashion. You may not use the most scandalous prints or the shortest dresses and your pieces are usually much more discreet, but you combine them in fashionable ways, creating trends. You tend to gravitate towards a typical style, but you always keep it fresh.

Your Twin of Street Style – Jenna Lyons: The creative director and president of J.Crew has an unparalleled ability to take simple pieces and turn them into something completely great. She is known for taking things like jeans, shirts and blazers, and raising them with a dose of sequins or even a little neon.

Get the look: The key to mastering the look of Aries is in how you combine and mix. Opt for classic silhouettes, but amplify them with the color or pattern you choose. As you have an ability to make simple pieces feel completely fresh, feel comfortable combining layers and mixing with favorite pieces that you already have.







Your style: You value comfort, but that does not mean you do not love looking good. You live for your favorite pair of jeans, and you combine them with the coolest shoes. You are passionate about your actions and always call attention without appearing to be trying.

Your twin of Street Style – Julie Sarinana: Julie has an ability to dress in a unique way. Although it is maintained with comfortable cuts, its love for strong colors and textures is what distinguishes it from the rest.

Get the look: Something too sexy is not for you. Instead, opt for pieces that prove that you do not need to brag to feel comfortable. As you love the flashy elements, buy pieces that you can easily mix, such as neon vests, crazy sneakers and great prints.





Your style: You do not like feeling trapped in a particular style. You are equally sure of you in jeans and sneakers that dress with more sexy and high heels. You love accessories, but you love to change them depending on your mood. Basically, there is no way to define yourself.

Your twin of Street Style – Shiona Turini:  Shiona feels comfortable coming out with some very crazy tacos, but she also manages to attract attention with a casual look.

Get the look: As you know how to show off each style as a pro, do not be afraid to mix it on a daily basis. Find an inspiration and take a chance, whether you’re in the mood for something feminine or want something more daring like a leather jacket and booties. Make sure you have many cute shoes and purses in your arsenal, because they are the key to you.





Your style: You love the classics. You have a natural tendency towards feminine cuts in colors such as gray, red and cream. And even though you tend to favor more adult pieces, there is nothing stiff and boring in your characteristic look.

Your Street Style twin – Caroline Issa: Caroline dominates dressing in a sophisticated way. Wear stylish coats and structured pants, and there’s always something romantic and beautiful about your look.

Get the look: Accept the elegance of classic pieces, but give them a twist with touches of color or prints. Well-tailored pieces are the key to your style. Add feminine accessories such as structured wallets and elegant hoops to add more personality to your look.





Your style: You are exuberant, colorful and you are always ready for a challenge. You feel more confident when you throw everything to the court in terms of style.

Your Street Style twin – Anna Dello Russo: Anna is bold, colorful and reckless when it comes to fashion. The editor and creative consultant of Vogue Japan, is known for her eccentric outfits, along with the fact that no matter the weather, she wears a mini and looks divine.

Get the look: Do not be afraid to risk it. Go for eye-catching accessories, entertaining patterns and extra-short basses. Your woman should speak for you as soon as you enter a place. You can wear sexy dresses like nobody else, so keep your eye-catching style proud.





Your style: Feminine but functional. You tend to gravitate towards beautiful pieces that have a touch of sensuality, but they never feel like too much.

Your Street Style twin – Nicole Warne: Nicole’s style is playful but neat. The blogger transmits elegance and confidence in whatever she uses. There is a touch of femininity, but her look can not be categorized as feminine but rather adult.

Get the look: Opt for female pieces with a creative twist. Think of cute sets, female silhouettes and mixed pieces in a classic style. Go for the cakes when you choose clothes, but combine them with entertaining accessories for an extra dose of color.





Your style: You are a teacher to mix. You can wear a feminine dress one day, and a suit of masculine cuts to the other. You look for classic pieces, but always add something extra to whatever you use.

Your twin of Street Style – Margaret Zhang: This star of social networks has dominated the art of combining. You can find her wearing voluminous skirts with fitted blazers, leather pants and a shirt. She plays with proportions and is always orderly and keeps anticipating trends.

Get the look: Try playing with proportions and colors to achieve Margaret’s style. You will find it easy to build fun games that never feel excessive. Combine a dress over a pair of pants or a skirt with a structured jacket for a perfect balance between the feminine and the risky.





Your style:  Centered, polished and simplified. You have a look and you have to stick to it. But that does not mean you’re boring, you always add something daring.

Your twin of Street Style- Carine Roitfeld: The former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris has a unique style. It is refined but risky; think of black arto and leather and also, never leave the house without a couple of killer tacos.

Get the look: Whatever your uniform, find what you like and stay with that. Try structured suits or simple dresses, and then combine them with accessories like a pair of cool glasses or an incredible wallet. Play with textures and materials, but stay away from too feminine pieces that do not go with your aesthetics.





Your style: polished and never overloaded, structured and feminine. You love bright colors, and you’ve never known a pattern that you do not love.

Your twin of Street Style – Miroslava Duma: the typical look of the Russian fashionista is a refreshing mix of feminine and eccentric pieces. You can catch her dressed in a structured coat one day and with a dress and bright studs on the other.

Get the look: buy classic and feminine silhouettes, but experiment with colors and patterns. Play with exaggerated necklaces and flashy wallets, because there is no accessory that is too much for you.





Your style:  Simple but sophisticated, you love to dress elegant, but if it is not easy and natural do not use it. You tend to opt for classic pieces with a twist.

Your twin of Street Style – Olivia Palermo: Known for her combinations of classic and creative beverages, Olivia loves to experiment but stays true to her aesthetic. Whether you’re wearing denim from top to bottom, or a fringed maxi, your style always looks completely natural and effortless.

Get the look: Invest in classic pieces – trousers, boots and shirts – but do not be afraid to elevate your look with different styling tricks. Use a scarf over your favorite dress or try to match colors. Do not be afraid to experiment, because with your sensitivity you will never feel like it is too much.





Your style: It’s innovative, colorful and entertaining. You never dress for others, you wear what makes you happy. While others move away from strong colors and crazy prints, you are not afraid to experiment.

Your Street Style twin – Natalie Joos: Vibrant is the perfect word to describe Natalie’s style. The blogger is constantly wearing outlandish looks that would not work for anyone other than her.

Get the look: As you are not afraid to use whatever makes you happy, experiment. Combine colors, shapes and patterns like never before. Avoid clothes that feel too much of the moment, and keep the bold pieces that you really love.







Your style: While some may describe your style as bohemian, there is much more to your personal look. You tend to gravitate towards smooth and fluid pieces that have a subtle sensuality.

Your twin of Street Style – Hanneli Mustaparta: There is a naturalness in the style of this former model that goes perfectly with Pisces aesthetics. While Hanneli never avoids daring clothes and accessories, her clothes are never too armed. You can easily wear a sexy dress or a casual pair of flower boxes, in any way, striking as anyone.

Get the look: Stay alert for pieces that look bohemian but feel new and fresh. Opt for easy items like pastel colored maxi dresses, silk blouses and velvet blazers. Avoid those that are too flashy, you do not need that to monopolize looks.



Style Inspiration For Every Zodiac Sign


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