The Ascendant in astrology is the energy that we radiate, the one that the others capture of us when we know ourselves, but because we do not have a planet that acts as an intermediary, it is difficult for our consciousness to identify with it. Precisely for that reason, the person will live situations and experiences that he will not really accept as his because in reality, he feels identified with the Sun and even more so with the Moon.

The Ascendant is the energy that the person has to live, allying with it, because it is the door or sign through which one enters life. As we have said, these are the character traits that others see in us when they meet us and that they express themselves spontaneously. However, we have to learn to show ourselves consciously to be owners and understand the experiences we attract to life.

The Bach Flowers can help us accept the energy of our astrological Ascendant , if we combine them properly. The following elixirs will make you learn the lessons you have prepared for you.

Ascending in Aries and Bach Flowers

In this case the learning of people with ascendant in Aries is to develop the independent side, learn to make decisions, take risks and fight for the same. In that sense, the flora essences of Mimulo or Brote de Castaño, can help the person to have security and confidence and above all to learn what initiative and courage is.

Ascendant in Taurus and Bach Flowers

If it is your case you will have to learn everything that has to do with the concrete, material, natural and also to be patient and to enjoy every moment with maximum intensity. Therefore, Impatiens, Walnut or Rock Water flowers can help you understand all this.

Ascending in Gemini and Bach Flowers

People with the ascendant in this sign have to learn to communicate and dialogue with others. They have to be more adaptable to situations and moments and also have the ability to do several things at once. In that sense, the Violet of Water, the Walnut and the Bud of Castaño, can help them to achieve this end.

Ascendant in Cancer and Bach Flowers

In this case you have to learn to have much more love for life, nurture others, protect them, seek safety within the home. etc. These people are going to be born in environments where the familiar, the homelike, the family affection, the tradition, the past, the belonging to a clan are valued. Here is the archetype of the Great Mother.

The Bach Flowers that, in this case, can go well is the Chicory, the Red Chestnut and the Castaño Bud.

Ascending in Leo and Bach Flowers

With Leo as an ascendant one has to learn to discover the feeling of being different and unique. You also have to show and express enthusiasm for life, passion, intensity and power to increase the power of self expression. The most suitable Bach Flowers with Sunflower, Wild Oats and Larch.

Ascendant in Virgo and Bach Flowers

The teaching that brings the ascendant in Virgo is learning to move in very small spaces, with order, not leaving things in the air. It is also necessary to give value to detail, to bet on the economy of resources and from here learn to grow and unfold.

The most suitable flowers are Impatiens and the Castaño Bud.

Ascending in Libra and Bach Flowers

The natives with the ascendant in Libra have to learn to share and above all to seek balance in situations and relationships. You also have to bet on creativity and vitality. In that sense, the most recommended Bach Flowers are the Chicory and the Bud of Castaño,

Ascendant in Scorpio and Bach Flowers

When people have the ascendant in Scorpio they have to assume and accept the dark, the pain, the conflict, the hatred, the suffering, the death, the passion, the power, the manipulation and the control. In this sense, the most recommended floral elixirs that will overcome the panic of living these intense emotions with the Helianthem and the Star of Bethlehem.

Ascending in Sagittarius and Bach Flowers

The learning of the ascendant in Sagittarius is to awaken and radiate surrender and confidence. It is necessary to include and not reject. Optimism is required to live. In that sense, the most recommended flower essences are Erato and Acrimony.

Ascendant in Capricorn and Bach Flowers

In this case, the person has to learn to be responsible, to take charge of things, to sustain himself and to develop what we might call the most paternal side of reality. Therefore, the most recommended Bach Flowers in this case are the Elm, Rock Water, Mimulus and Castaño Bud.

Ascendant in Aquarius and Bach Flowers

Here we must learn that energy circulates and that nothing is stable. Everything is in continuous creative movement. The energy of creativity makes nothing stand still or fixed. The most recommended flower essences in this case are Wild Oats or Walnut.

Ascendant in Pisces and Bach Flowers

The natives with the ascendant in this sign have to learn the Pisces energy that is based on feelings. They also have to put their intuition to work. The best flowers for this are the Alamo Temblor and the Clematis.


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