The Perfect Cheese According to Your Sign of the Zodiac


Our birthday dates define our personalities, characteristics, tastes and even our preferences in the kitchen according to the astrological chart! If you want to know which is the ideal cheese for your sign and personality, read on.

You will be surprised by the accuracy of the guide!




Originality is classified high with Aries, who wants everything to be unique. They are usually the first to experiment with new processes or ways of doing things. These anti-poseros never try too much, and it is their tendency to express themselves that makes them stand out.

Your perfect cheese: Tarentaise Reserve

Why? It is tasty and dense but not hard texture that distinguishes it from other cheeses on the market. Despite being less known, this cheese is gaining popularity.




Lovers of luxury, Tauro is decadent but not ostentatiously. They prefer quality that overcomes the passage of time. This sign also hates being rushed, so anything that needs time is ideal for them.

Your perfect cheese: Parmigiano Cravero

Why? Proof that greatness takes time, this cheese matures from 18 to 24 months in Bra, Italy and is said to be the best Parmesan cheese in the world. The flavor is not too strong, but it is a softer and sweeter version than the traditional parmesan.




Complexity is key to maintaining the interest of Gemini. They are people with several layers and contradictions. Short attention, they like things that quickly call their interest.

Your perfect cheese: Calcagno

Why? The Calcagno is perfect for anyone with little attention, because it gives you a quick burst of sweet and buttery taste that does not stay on your palate (That is, you do not have to worry about getting smelly with cheese).




Although Cancer seems hard, they are sweet and sentimental inside. They tend to melt easily when it comes to the people they love, and because they care so much about their people, they do not always respond well to stressful situations.

Your perfect cheese: Taleggio Latte Crudo

Why? This classic Italian cheese should not be judged by its crust that can look unappetizing, because inside, the cheese is incredibly smooth and creamy.




The Leo are a show, and they need to be noticed. It is advertised strongly in all possible ways, and the visual is especially important to them. Like the royalty of the signs of the zodiac, the Leo prefer everything that is expensive and of quality. There is no such thing as too little pomp or circumstance.

Your perfect cheese: Toma Bettelmatt

Why? It is made so high in the mountains that it has to be lowered by helicopter once a year, making it ideal for those who prefer the finer things in life. It has a pasty and lactic flavor that is perfect with red wine.




Virgo are purists: they opt for handmade items of good quality and natural ingredients. They can also be a little fussy and demanding with their surroundings.

Your perfect cheese: Essex Comté

Why? It is said that this is the best gruyere in the world due to the strict standards to which it adheres to ensure that each game is locally manufactured and aged. It is very dense, but creamy in texture.




Libra is the sign of companionship, so it is all in the combinations. Balance is key, prefer something soft and creamy to combine with anything that is strong smelling and sharp taste. They hate conflict and tend to crumble under pressure.

Your perfect cheese: Sola di Bufala

Why? This soft maturing cheese rich in buffalo milk has a flavor that is not too strong, so it can be combined with any wine.




Scorpions are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They love strong and intense flavors and know that sharp smells can be aphrodisiac. As the sign that dominates the secrets and the selective, they love being the elite group that tests certain products.

Your perfect cheese: Gorgonzola aged for 200 days

Why? It has an incredibly intense flavor, a little spicy with touches of sweetness and a rough texture.




Sagittarius is the global nomad and cultural ambassador of the zodiac. They live to explore hidden places of the world, making their home in each port they arrive at. Their lives are a medley of diverse experiences, which in some way come together in a unique and special way.

Your perfect cheese: Ricotta Passita

Why? This incredibly rare variety of cheeses comes from a small dairy in Italy, and is manufactured using the milk of sheep that are grazed on pastures in the high mountains, which gives them a flavor and texture very different from other ricotta.




The trends do not impress the traditional Capricorn, prefer things that age well and remain with the passage of time. They have a sophisticated palette and prefer to spend on quality.

Your perfect cheese: Paglierino

Why? This pale and dense cheese has a rich and slightly acid taste that makes it perfect for cooking.




Progressive and a little eccentric, Aquarians love to try anything new and different. It is also the humanitarian sign, so the how, why and where is something also important along with the taste itself.

Your perfect cheese: Reading Raclette

Why? With a salty and slightly nutty smell, its main attraction is that it is made on a farm in Vermont, USA, operated by a children’s foundation that helps its students learn about agriculture and sustainability.




As the most complex of water signs, Pisces are enigmatic and charming, highly artistic and sensitive and very difficult to define. They like to immerse themselves in the experiences of life, and they always refuse to be put into a mold.

Your perfect cheese: Ricotta Scorza Nera

Why? Because this cheese is submerged in brine and aged for more than 100 days, which gives it a salty and unique flavor. During the maturation process, it develops a layer of mold that helps keep some moisture inside, and like the Pisces, each one is cut differently, so there is nothing generic about it.

The Perfect Cheese According to Your Sign of the Zodiac

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