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Actually there are no good or bad signs. Everyone has their virtues and also their shortcomings. What is certain is that there are some who can be more twisted than others in their relationships with others. Let’s see what position each of them occupies depending on their “badness”.

Position 1: Scorpio

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They already say that the sting of a scorpion can be lethal and so it is. The natives of this sign are good until they have some trickery. They tend to give enough to others and trust or want to trust the goodness of the human race, but before a betrayal, infidelity or deception are the worst enemies. The expression, “Revenge is served on a cold plate”, fits them perfectly.

Position 2: Cancer

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Cancer is good, homelike, kind, always willing to talk to others and affectionate. But that does not mean that it also has its character. When they are wounded they can become very negative and vengeful people taking out the best artillery they have inside. When it happens, they can act ruthlessly and cruelly.

Position 3: Pisces

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Not that it is a bad sign, the problem is that it is very twisted. And it is a sign of extremes. Either it is good or it is very bad, there is no middle ground. And just when he reaches the bottom he can become a ruthless being capable of turning the lives of others into a little hell. With a bit of luck, they go back and start to see everything from another perspective.

Position 4: Capricorn

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Capricorn is the great pragmatist of the zodiac. He sees augmented reality and that makes him sometimes only find the tragic sense of life. It is also true that he is very proud and when he is hurt, he usually gets his cold part. Automatically freezes your emotions and fights for what he considers a just cause and worthy of battle.

Position 5: Gemini

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The spontaneous, talkative, sociable and talkative Gemini, where you always see happy and happy, also has its darkest side. It usually accumulates and endures, but to which the drop fills the glass of your patience can be quite rude. As its great virtue is the word, it throws poisoned darts difficult to avoid.

Position 6: Leo

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The great king, the most revered animal of the jungle, sponsored by the Sun, is a charismatic, passionate, risky, but also very vehement. The native of this sign likes to be danced by water and when he sees that he does not get it, he becomes an authentic tyrant and despot. Their roars can be heard for miles around.

Position 7: Aries

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Impulsive, tireless, passionate, leader … All these virtues can be associated with Aries, a pretty optimistic and jovial sign. The problem is that he also knows how to get his Mr. Hyde when he proposes it. In a state of anger they become people without limits capable of not measuring the evil caused. Luckily, there is always repentance.

Position 8: Taurus

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The Taurus are stubborn and stubborn to unsuspected limits. When they want something, they will not stop trying to get it. In addition, their opinions are valid and those of others are mere points. When they are contradicted or someone stands firm against their purposes, they can violently attack and will not stop until the other asks for forgiveness.

Position 9: Sagittarius

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Despite the innate grace and optimism of this sign, the zodiac centaur as a good sign of fire also has its outbursts. When it is turned on for some reason, it is better to run away because it hurts where it knows the most. His anger only lasts minutes, but better not to be a victim. Then they repent, they miss and forget them soon.

Position 10: Libra

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Libra must never be unbalanced because it needs to feel good at all times. When someone bursts into his life and causes one of the two weights to fall, causing him to lose internal peace and harmony, then the brown bundle until he regains his composure again.

Position 11: Virgo

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The methodical and orderly Virgo is a good person until the others get involved in their affairs. They do not allow anyone to interfere in their tasks, especially the domestic ones. Do not leave a glass on the table where Virgo has just cleaned because they are pure spark that will end up burning you. And, of course, do not mess things up if you do not want to win your enmity.

Position 12: Aquarius

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Theirs is the good vibes and the good predisposition. When they smell a conflict, they recoil, backtrack and disappear. But not everything is so beautiful. The native of this sign is also a great specialist in sticking your fingers in and delving into the fears and defects of others, something that can get on your nerves.


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